Meerkat Manor-anybody else watching?

This is seriously my new favorite show. It has it all:

Flower-the matriarch
Tosca-the slutty daughter who gets pregnant
Youssarian-the uncle who was dropped on his head as a child and hasn’t been quite right since
Daisy-the daughter who sneaks off with Carlos, the meerkat from the forbidden “rival” family
reckless teenagers
cute but vulnerable babies

There is birth, death, danger, love, lust and incredible suspense. It rivals the best soap operas around. I turned it on and couldn’t stop watching.

Will Shakespeare survive the bite of the deadly puff adder?

Will baby Mitch, left alone by the irresponsible teens, somehow be rescued before a predator eats him?

And who exactly is the father of Tosca’s babies?

I can’t wait for the next episode.

I only caught the puff adder bite episode, fell asleep… poor Shakespeare. Did Flower kill Tosca’s babies?

I’ll spoiler it for those who haven’t watched:

Shakespeare is OK. Both Tosca and Mozart had babies and Flower accepted them, but while everybody was out, Youssarian decided they had to move burrows and took the babies out. In the confusion, one of Mozart’s girl pups got left behind and died.

I’ve seen the episode you spoiled twice.
Saw some at the Memphis zoo.
I will continue to watch.

Yes! I’ve been watching it and waiting for a thread to appear (I didn’t dare start one, knowing that it would die).

You’re right, it is like a soap opera. I was so afraid for little Shakespeare. He looked so pitiful after that snake bite. I can’t believe he lived through it! Go Shakespeare!

I’m glad we didn’t have a mass meerpupicide by Flower.

Those meerkats are so cute! I liked the episode where the rival meerkats kept running into their territory, and the Whiskers chased 'em off. All those straight tails bobbing up and down, hilarious. And when they stand up like little people. Awww!

Ha! I knew this thread would die as soon as I posted…