Meerkat Manor

Okay, who’s anxiously awaiting the premiere of season two next week to find out the fate of Courageous Little Shakespeare?

(I’ll admit, I’ve already done some searching and know what’s happened…).

I LOVE this show. It’s the greatest soap opera on the air right now.

I know they want Mitch to be another Shakespeare, but after he attacked Baby Sophie, I don’t like him. And I think after Shakespeare, Mozart’s my favorite - she’s such a sweetheart, always taking care of the babies.

ElzaHub’s not quite as into it as I am, but has been indulging me.


Meerkat Manor?


That’s not a show.

Best reality TV show on right now, if you ask me.

Please don’t spoil it, I’d like to find out what happened to Shakespeare myself. I agree, it’s one of the best shows in a long time.

I want to know if Tosca found another family. Poor Tosca.

Yeah, I hope Shakespeare’s OK :frowning: He’s such a brave little fella.

It could only be better if they voted someone out every week :smiley: .

I wonder if Flower would be voted out after Youssarian.


I’m lobbying to have Daisy added to the credits, with the designation: (the ditzy one). Seriously, she’s the blondest meerkat I’ve ever seen!

Okay so this thread is super old but I love the show too! Has anyone here been watching season 3? I can’t get enough of it. Those little guys are infectious. Any who season 3 has been pretty good so far. There has only been 2 episodes and they have been drama filled already! I am looking forward to watching it tonight too.

I have a question I have been wanting to ask. I am not a regular viewer of the show, but dudes who film those things always claim they don’t aid the animals at all. However, those things around the necks of a couple of the Meerkats must slow them down some? Is it fair to give them a disad without some aid in return?

I’ve only seen a couple of episodes online. My only criticism is that the narration has the highest cliche density I’ve ever encountered.

I’m glad to have discovered this show. Ever since I saw the babies in the San Diego Zoo’s exhibit, I’ve had a fantasy of one day having a huge backyard and my own backyard meerkat colony.

I like the way the Whiskers are just taking over territory from the Zappa and not taking any crap from them. It’s a nice change from getting picked on by the Commandos and Lazuli. And it’s good to see Mozart finally becoming part of another clan after being kicked out by Flower so often.

I’ve never seen this show, but every time I see a commercial I say, “I’ve got to remember that on Friday night!” Meerkats are so adorable! Maybe this will be the night…

What did happen to Shakespeare? I must admit, this show is addictive. I’d rather watch *Meerkat Manor * than *Bad Girls * any day.

Shakespeare was last seen defending the pups by himself. Since then there’s been no sight of him. I’m thinking he was fatally wounded while turning away the attack and went to some place not camera-accessible to die. If he died during the attack, the pups probably would have been killed, too.

Meerkats may be adorable, but they can do some vicious and cruel things all in the name of survival. Without going into specifics and giving spoilers, a rival gang of meerkats can invade a burrow and attempt to kill the pups of one group. And females in a group can compete for dominance by killing one another’s pups. Even if a subordinate female’s pups aren’t killed, she can be abandoned with them or outright kicked out of the group as Mozart has been on numerous occasions.

In response to tonight’s episode… Mozart just can’t catch a break, can she? :frowning:

That’s what makes it such a great show. Humans in reality shows are often motivated by greed or a need for exposure. Animals don’t have such motivations. They’re motivated by need for survival and to perpetuate the species. It’s survival of the fittest.

I like Mozart and am glad to see her in another clan, but

It was sad to see her lose yet another litter, this time killed by her rival for dominant female of the new clan. Poor thing’s life has been so tragic on the child-bearing front. :frowning:

I’m guessing those are tracking collars. Flower has one. The collars wouldn’t be used at all if they were a significant disadvantage.

Tell ya what- let us dump you into a hunter-gather society with a 10# “tracking device” around your neck. :stuck_out_tongue: Sure, I agree, the disad can’t be all that bad, but there must be some bad effect, even if minor.