Meet me at the Zoo!

Check it out. Coming this summer to Tulsa Oklahoma (drum roll please) ** Zoofest!** A family friendly, cheap and silly way to meet others in the area! Actually I just wanna take the chicks and don’t want to go alone so everyone join me!

That’s great, should we look for you in the barn with the other chickens? :wink:

More seriously, it sounds like a great idea, but count me as doubtful as it is a long trip.

If I start now, how long will it take me to walk to Oklahoma!?

I got 9 /12 on the test. No fair! One was Geography!

Well, I’ll surely be there in spirit! Dammit! I wanna go to the Zoo!!! Yeah, I know I work in one, but this one’s bigger!

Oh well, we’ll beat 'em yet! Then you all can come here and visit me at work!

No more than a week surely if you get alot of rest and exercise before the walk.

What a coinkydink, MamaHen. My trip to Texas just got delayed until mid-July. Hmm…

I got an 11 out of 12! Yeay, me! I’m afraid I’m not close enough for zoodope, but I love zoos. Took my daughter to the Baltimore zoo for her birthday on Saturday, and had an awesome time.

I need to make another trek to the Jacksonville Zoo. They’ve opened two new exhibits since I visited last year. And we’re members, so there’s no excuse. Sounds like a good weekend adventure.

I got 9/12 with some serious guessing…

BAH I got a 7/12! See? I need a trip to the zoo to learn more. Come on now, who wants to join me?

I got 4/12. Sadly, my main interaction with other animals involves my grill and some KC Masterpiece.

Hmmm the zoo! Antelope :slight_smile:

I want to join you, Mama, but it’s REALLY too far away! I haven’t been to a zoo in YEARS!! :frowning: