Meet the new spoon, somewhat different than the old spoon

Yes, the spoon has undergone a redesign, specifically one for infants. The Spooni. It’s narrower and has a built up back so the food doesn’t spill out the back as you shove it into your baby’s not-gaping-enough maw.

Now if it was me, I’d add a flange like – what are those little nipply things babies suck on? You know, it has a rubber nipple and a large round flange, presumably to make sure the kid doesn’t try swallowing it and choking on it.

Anyway, add that flange thing to the Spuni, and shove it into the kid’s mouth right up to the flange. That way they can’t spit out the food either.

Sure. some infants will die choking on their food, but think of the millions of messes that won’t need to be cleaned up!

It’s called a pacifier, in the USA *.
And the new spoon looks like a great idea!

*In England, they call it a dummy.( Yes, honestly…they really do. Which is why we fought for our freedom in 1776. )