Mega-Fauna: What's your favorite?

I am partial to the Saber-toothed Cat or the Giant Sloth. I am some how fascinated by the giant mammals that roamed our countryside. Anyone else partial to any Mega-fauna?

Mammoth’s are cool to .

I’ve always been partial to the ankylosaurus which is basically an overgrown armadillo with horns, spikes, and a huge clubbed tail.

I’ve also always been infatuated with felines of any size so sabretooths are a favorite of mine as well.

I’ve always been partial to sabre-toothed cats, and also the [b[MEGACEROS** which I haven’t been able to locate a decent drawing of online yet to link to.

I’ll post a link to it if I find a good one.

it’s a major toss-up for me between sabre-toothed cats and dire wolves.

anything cat-related and i’m all there. what’s not to love about a giant-sized cat with teeth that would go straight through you? :wink:

OTOH, wolves as big as ponies?.. :: swoon ::

How about a 40 foot long, 17,000 pound crocodile?
Then there’s always Gigantopithecus, the 10 foot tall, 1200 pound gorilla.

My favorite used to be the indricotherium or possibly the elasmotherium, especially since the latter may have survived into historical times. My current favorite, though, is probably the meganthropus, which was a 9-foot tall variant of Homo erectus that definitely could produce (very large) stone tools, and may have been intelligent enough to build boats.

I was just thinking about this the other day. I was watching a Scientific American Frontiers program about the first humans in the Americas, and I was much more interested in the fauna that they were fighting and eating than in how they got here. (Boat…overland bridge…would you look the size of that bear!)

I really like the mega-mammals best. I think the bears are my favorites.

Given my family name…the only possible choice is the Mammoth.

Mega-fauna? Like Godzilla?

Ankylosaurus was a dinosaur, not a mammal. My personal favorite dino, but still not mammalian. The big ol’ critters you’re thinking of are the Glyptodonts.

I read about these in a Steven Jay Gould book.
Get this. . .

Pygmy Mammoth :slight_smile:

My faves:

Basilosaurus (…and the rest of the anchient whale group)
Quagga (more recent!)
Platybelodon [sp?]

Being a fan of Julian May’s Saga of the Exiles, I’d have to go with the Chalicothere .

Oh, and Bimble , there’s nothing “mega” about the quagga. Nor are they all that extinct. Well, they were…but they’re getting better! :slight_smile:

When I saw the skeleton of a woolly mammoth at the La Brea Tar Pits, I about flipped. That thing is HUGE. I can’t imagine running after it with a friggin’ pointy stick. So–such hugeness makes it a fav.

Dinosaur-wise, I dunno, I’ve kinda always liked them all. :slight_smile: Ankylosaurus, the walking tank, was always cool. Stegosaurus has always been preferred, too, as well as triceratops…hmm, apparently I like my dinosaurs pointy and pokey.

What about bigfoot? :smiley:

I like bears. Particularly the flying variety.

On the other end of things, I like the North American house hippo shown in a commercial-length documentary here in Canada. You can find some info on the house hippo on this page.


How about Diprotodon, basically a giant marsupial “beaver.”

And, how about thylacosmilus, basically a marsupial sabre-toothed “cat.”

The OP asked for favorite megafauna, not favorite mega-mammals. My choice of ankylosaurus was perfectly valid.

Granted. Although he did single out mega-mammals. BTW, the editors at Merriam-Webster were apparently asleep on the job when this one was entered. It’s abou the most ridiculous definition of megafauna you could come up with. Under that rule, very few animals aren’t megafauna.

From that link:

I’m no Friends fan but didn’t David Schwimmer play a plaeontologist on the show? What are the odds?

As far as dinosaurs go, I was always a Parasaurolophus fan. Brontosaurus was #1, but somehow the magic died when they changed it to Apatosaurus. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. And mostly because of the name, but Afrovenator is cool.

Gotta like this guy too.