Megadeth's answer to Ozzfest

Short version: Megadeth has set up a six-week tour this summer featuring them and Dream Theater as headliners. They’ll be joined on the main stage by Fear Factory, Nevermore and the Dillinger Escape Plan. Second stage acts and tour dates will be announced later. Tickets will be sold for a “fan-friendly” price of $35 each.

For the long version, see here. Buried in that lengthy release is info about Dream Theater’s new album, due out in June.

Cool. This will definitely be my must-see concert this year. It seems Mustaine is choosing acts based on talent rather than popularity. Fine by me.

Any idea on the type of venues at which they’ll be playing?

Only the tour has been announced so far.

Very cool. Interestingly Mustain produced the first album by Sanctuary. Nevermore’s singer Warrel Dane was the singer for Sanctuary. Sanctuary’s first album has the coolest version of ‘White Rabbit’ ever. I saw Sanctuary with Fates Warning in Albuquerque in 1990, great show. I think Deam Theater had/has the keyboard player from Fates Warning on a couple albums, though it might be the other way around. Where am I going with this? Not too sure. Kinda like six degrees of Megadeth. Or not.

Hopefully they will be coming to Vegas.

I really want to see DT, as they are about the only band I haven’t seen live yet.


There’s been an update on the second stage acts. No one has been picked yet, but the short list includes Dry Kill Logic, Diecast, Otep, Overkill, Pain Of Salvation, Taproot and Symphony X.

Full details here.