I just watched the documentary “Evolution” on PBS
for the second time.

Unfortunately, Susan Blackmore and Richard Dawkins
did not discuss the theory of “memetics” at the same
time “creation” theory was discussed.

I was disappointed that Geoffrey Miller was not in
the documentary to discuss Darwins other theory,
“Sexual Selection”, and his (Dr. Miller) theory
of why the human brain has become so large and

If “God” is a meme, and different groups of humans
have different Gods, should we drop the phrase
“Holy Wars”, and call it for what it is, “Meme Wars”?

Suggested Reading:

  1. “The Meme Machine” (Susan Blackmore)
  2. “The Selfish Gene” (Richard Dawkins)
  3. “The Mating Mind” (Geoffrey Miller)
  4. “Memetics” (internet)
  5. “Holy Bible” ( ? )
  6. “Koran” ( ? )


Memetics is very interesting to me, as it seems to explain so much about human behavior.

Hey, I’m just a huge Blackmore/Dawkins fan, though I don’t keep up with them enough to know that they had an Evolution television appearance on PBS. Do you know when I could catch that again?
Our brains are the new primordial goo.


Hi Scribble79,

Try http://www.pbs.org, then click on evolution. I just looked
it up myself. Blackmore and Dawkins were on segment
six, religion (meme complex) was on segment 7 (go figure).