memorable bloopers

I love catching these… My all time favorite is watching the tall storm trooper knock himself out on a low doorway (Star Wars: A New Hope), and speaking of Star Wars, it’s too funny watching them rejoice after destroying the Death Star, Leia running up, yelling, “Luke!” and him crying out, “Carrie!”

There’s always the much talked about Pretty Woman and the magical croissant/pancake, as well as the mysterious disappearing/reappearing tie.

The only one I’ve seen that I have yet to hear anyone else mention is towards the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana Jones is aiming to detroying the ark, and him and Bellock are yelling back and forth…watch how Bellock calmly allows a fly to wander about on his face and into his mouth! awesome.

Thanks for the cheat links :wink:

I was thinking it’d be fun for people to share their favorites.