Men and appliances

One of two things will happen by my creating this thread.

#1 - I’ll discover that I am indeed, not alone and possibly discover a market for the next generations of appliances.

#2 - People that frequent this board will for once and for all, have undeniable proof that there is something seriously wrong with me and alienate me as much as possible.

The subject of this thread: I think that where possible, all appliances should have windows. Big ones!

When I bake items in the oven, to the bewilderment of the lovely Mrs. Bernse, I am constantly opening the oven to look at the goodies inside. Now, our oven does have a window in the door, but I want a biggin’. I don’t want to have to open the door to get a really good look inside. Give me a door entirely made of GLASS!

We have a front loading washing machine. I have, quite honestly, sat in front of that thing for hours… watching the laundry get washed. Before we had a Front Loader, I would constantly open the lid of our old top loading washing machine so I could watch it wash. I did this for as long as I could remember.

The clothes dryer could use a window too, although it wouldn’t be as entertaining as the washer. I have noticed that Whirlpool is now marketing a dryer with a see-through door. That may be on the horizon if our current dryer craters.

When I cook items in the microwave, I’ll gaze through the door of the oven intently, somehow awed that my food cooking before my eyes!

However, the appliance that really, desprately needs a window, IMHO is the dishwasher. That would be cool, watching the water spray around. It would have a useful purpose (other than home entertainment) too!! You could probably tell if something flipped by a jet of water or is not in the proper location and is not being washed effectively. That would probably be even more entertaining than the front loader washing machine.

The Vacuum. I bought one of those crappy Fantom vacuums, just so I could (OK, not just) see the dirt go round and round in the clear plastic dust bucket as I vacuum.

The fridge. Well, OK, there is one appliance that doesn’t need to have a window… and is probably better that it doesn’t.

Am I alone? Am I the only person that has the irresistable urge to open the washing machine lid and watch the clothes get washed? Or open the dishwasher 10 minutes in the cycle just to see how its coming along?

I don’t know if you’re alone, but I will say that if you ever opened my oven while I was baking something, you’d get a smart smack with a wooden spoon.

Personally, I like the window in the oven and the microwave. I’d hate it in the dishwasher - it takes a couple of days to make a full load and I’d hate seeing the dirty dishes all the time. And while I’ve been known to watch my laundry dance about when I used to go to laundromats, it’s not something I’d do at home.

You need a real hobby. Seriously.


Heh. I actually do have several hobbies.

Really, it works out quite well for Mrs. Bernse as I actually like doing the laundry and most of the other household chores, including cooking. As per my washing machine problem, I’ve progressed enough so I don’t actually sit in front of the washer and watch for an extended period of time anymore. To be honest, the one time I sat in front of it for 2 hours, we just moved into our house and had no TV hooked up yet. Hey! I needed to be entertained one way or another!

I still want a dishwasher with a window.

I want one of those demo dishwashers you see at Sears or Best Buy; the ones that you can see into. :slight_smile:

But I don’t care about the oven or microwave. Or the washer or dryer, come to think of it.

Bernse is weird. And I don’t think we can blame it on the men/appliance thing. My husband, Drachillix,does all the cooking and he has never expressed the slightest fantasy of a peekaboo oven/dishwasher/washing machine. He fantasizes about a Wolf stove with lots of burners, a giant-sized freezer and a god-like crock pot.

I agree. when I was about 6 I cried and cried that my parents wouldn’t buy the neat clear dishwasher. And time proved me right. They bought a harvest gold one without changable panels, and had to replace it in about 5 years when they redid the kitchen. The transparent one would have still matched without problem. :wink:

How about a clear toaster too? That way I could see how done my toast was getting instead of depending on the “turny button thing that lies”.*

*taken from Eddie Izzard.

Blenders are clear. I like watching them mix my daquiris. :smiley:

I would love to have a clear dishwasher. Or a dishwasher. I have always wanted a clear car so I could watch the engine working, although that might get distracting while I drove…