Men and makeup?

According to this article, more men are using makeup these days, and cosmetics companies are viewing aging boomers as a huge untapped market.

Good lord, men. By all means do your best to resist this devilish plot. The ability to shower, change, and get out of the house in 10 minutes is a basic masculine right that we cannot give up. As it is, the most butt-ugly guy can look in the mirror and consider himself “ruggedly handsome” or believe his looks show “character.” Next thing you know, we will be expected to sit down while peeing so that we actually get most of the piss inside the toilet, and stop belching and farting audibly.

And women, do you really want your men borrowing your foundation? Taking up more than that little corner of the medicine cabinet? Debating whether they are “spring” or “autumn?” After an illicit meeting with your boyfriend, do you want to worry whether your husband will notice someone else’s makeup on your clothing?

Seldom have I heard news of a more dangerous social development than this. Right-thinking men and women of the world unite to defeat this disturbing movement.

Well, I was looking at this guy I just started dating, and it looked like he had a stray eyelash, so I tried to remove it. It wouldn’t come off, and he said “it’s probably mascara.” I said “but I’m not wearing any mascara.” His response–“no, mine.” :eek: Well, not really, he’s a pretty cool guy. He also has more colors of nail polish than I do!

Okay. I admit it: I would be somewhat disturbed by a guy who wore makeup regularly. For some reason, I wouldn’t be nearly as put off by a guy who wore makeup to clubs and what not, but if he wears foundation, mascara, and blush everyday, like I do…hmm. I guess that’s kinda sexist of me.

My boyfriend does use my skin care products from time to time. I actually encourage that (why suffer with a zit when you’ve got boo-boo-zap?), but actual face paint would be too much for me. For the most part, I like low-maintenance men.

Plus, I just don’t see me teaching him how to apply liquid eyeliner. Hell, I can barely do it myself!

Well, maybe he could teach you, Gundy! :smiley:

I might be more worried about this, if it weren’t for the thread on Dads and their injuries, which shows that men are as we ever have been.

NO NO NO NO!!! :eek:

The main reason (alright the only reason) I have a beard is the time it saves me.
If I had to start “putting my face on” every day before I go out, the whole plan goes right out the window.

What’s next? Having to make sure my socks match? :smiley:

I like to keep my eyes in working condition, thank you very much.

Just to clarify, the guy I was talking about is a bit of a hipster–so no foundation or powder. Though I’ll admit I was a bit weirded out, especially when I saw his painted toenails (painted fingernails wouldn’t fly at his company).

Men in makeup is such a turn-on! Wooo-hooooo, lemme at 'em! Having said that, there are guys who just wouldn’t look ‘right’ with too much paint, IMO.

Now I’ll actually contribute a reply related to the OP.

Men in makeup? Doesn’t bother me, honestly. Foundation and powder would squick me out, but I don’t like women wearing foundation and powder either (I’ve seen maybe three people in my life who have managed to look natural wearing the glop). Although if there is a guy out there who can do great foundation, power to him. But remember this: no facial hair with foundation! :eek:

I know a guy who wears eyeliner every day. It’s not big swoopy curls, just a thin line of black or brown pencil close to his lashes. It looks FANTASTIC!

I also know guys who wear nail polish (I’ve been able to show them how to make polish last for a few weeks :D).

Only if you’re David Bowie, Tim Curry, or Brian Molko.

I paint my toenails during sandal season. I occassionally paint one fingernail, but I’m not sure what my current employer would do about it.

I find that I usually don’t get along well with a man who is more concerned about his appearance than I am about mine. (I don’t wear a lick of makeup. The world can deal with my nekkid eyelids, unadorned lips and uncamoflaged zits. I’m a 10-minute out-the-door gal.) It’s not a moral judgement, just a matter of assessing a person’s priorities. I can handle women who spend more time on their appearance (within reasonable bounds) because society has so focused itself on female physical perfection that even pretty laid-back and relaxed women feel proportionately more pressure to fuss over their looks.

So my general rule to be suspicous of any man with hair prettier than mine. I think that extends to men who wear mascara, as well.

A guy in makeup could possibly be a really nice person, kind to animals, with a great sense of humor, etc., but he just isn’t going to be my type, you know? I know that we aren’t supposed to judge by appearance, but I firmly believe that what we do about your appearance reflects on our personalites. I know that a guy who expects women to be fastidious and decorative won’t look twice at me, and that’s fine. I have chosen how I’m going to look, and how much time I invest. I fully expect to be judged on that–and any many who wears under-eye concealer should, too.

Which is not to say that men shouldn’t wear makeup. Presumably women to whom looks are very important will appreciate the effort. I’m just not one of those women.

With my theatrical background, I’m rather experienced with applying a variety of makeup to myself. I assume this isn’t relevant to the discussion.

So, just yesterday, I used a little bit from one of my wife’s concealers to hide a big red ex-zit on my forehead. Normally I don’t bother, but this was big and quite noticeably scarlet. In proportion to my forehead, it was like the storm on Jupiter. So I covered it up.

It’s fine today. No need for concealer. But if it happens again, I bust out the makeup again.

And I still scratch my balls in public.

I have a concealer stick I use every now and again. I tend to break out on my right temple - probably from all the crap I put in my hair. So I put a bit on, rub it in well, and it’s far less noticeable.

Oh, dear, I don’t do that… :eek:

  • s.e.

Well, I don’t take 'em out, or anything.

I don’t particularly want men to start dipping into foundation and blusher just yet. But it would be nice if more men would start using a good skincare regimen on a regular basis. I see so many men walking around with unsightly blackheads, flaky skin, and red blotches from not wearing any sunscreen ( a pet peeve of mine). I would also like to see more men get sports manicures more often. I hate seeing chewed nails with torn cuticles and tough, dry skin you could sand furniture with.

Now mind you, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I make sure to wash my face, apply sunscreen, and make sure my hands are well cared for. It’s too much trouble to break out the warpaint.

I’m in school to be in the TV news business. My girlfriend likes to joke that someday I’ll be wearing more makeup than she does.