Men and their Asses (TMI)

The only response that comes to mind is, “Are you SHITTING me?”

Yeah, right.


Boy, was I mislead by the title. I thought this would not be about average run-of-the-mill BM & windage, given TMI at the end. It had to be about those underwear rotting, call out the HazMat team to decon the bathroom, nuclear reactor core meltdown events emanating from the evil sphincter of Hades (people in Central PA think Three Mile Island). :rolleyes:

And you know, anyone who was not here in 2000 (or whever that famed thread started) will have NO clue what you are talking about! They’ll think you mean the Satan (as in horns and a tail) rather than the banned Doper who started a rather bizarre thread, which I won’t go into here, because I’m a petite delicate flower who won’t discuss such things.

Damn. And because of you, I almost had to type out “takin’ it up the ass” and “strap-on”. Oh, wait…

I think this may be it. Just be glad we don’t show you photos and compare Apgar scores.

I guess it’s all in how you were raised. If your father was a proud farter, chances are his son will be, and so will the grandson. Perhaps there’s a genetc propensity for “pride farting,” but, thus far, scientists have neglected to research this possibility.

Perhaps accentuated farting was once a bizarre mating ritual display among our species which clings to the subconcious in the primitive, “reptile” brain. It could be that at one time, the man who could achieve the loudest, longest passage of gas proved his superior fitness as a mate, due to the durability and control of the sphincter muscles. Maybe those who could achieve a musical tone were prized as mates. (I’m sure the chicks were all over Le Petomaine.)

It also could be that farting was a way to “mark one’s territory” especially in the presence of other males, who could be counted on to be impressed and intimidated by the passage of particularly noisy wind. By befouling the air in the cave, primitive man claimed a space as his own, most likely by driving potential rivals away with the stench.

Damn - I guess you’re right. I did wonder why noone else had mentioned it first. Three years ago, the thread that got me into the SDMB (in a “this is funny” kinda way, before you make any unreasonable inferences)? Time does, seriously, fly.

Yes, but you would never mention those things. So that’s OK then.