Are Men Hard-wired, or conditioned to not Fart Around Women?

I overheard a bunch of guys in a bar saying that the only difference between being married or single is that being single you can fart anytime you want to. I myself, find that when I’m among women I have no desire to pass the forbidden gas. Until I get to the bathroom. Then KABLOOEI!

The only farting that seems to be socially acceptable is male/male, and even that occurs in limited contexts. I think way too much in our lives is attributable to hard-wiring.

I might feel the urge to fart when around females, but social niceties mandate that I inhibit that urge, if at all possible.

I’ve run with women who occasionally let one go. I ignore it, but then I feel less inhibited if I feel the urge. It’s not always possible to prevent one, at least at my age (74) with all the fiber I eat, along with the running.

I have an 11 year old boy. It isn’t hard-wired, unless some angelic technician is going to show up with an upgrade in a couple of years.

Social convention should always be the first assumption for such behaviors, and not instinct when it comes to humans.

I think the chief factor here is probably that all of us are to some extent socially conditioned not to fart in the company of any other people, male or female.

What the guys in the bar were probably referring to, IMHO, is simply the fact that single guys spend more time alone in their living quarters than married guys do. Men (or women, for that matter) when they’re by themselves have no obstacle to letting one rip whenever they feel like it.

Judging by my spouse’s behavior, it’s conditioning, not hard-wiring. After 20+ years of marriage any inhibition he felt while single has evaporated. At least when he’s around me.

S’alright, though - I just fart back.

How boorish of him :stuck_out_tongue: A proper gentleman always lets the lady fart first!

No, it is not hard-wired, passing gas is a normal bodily function. It can be suppressed, but eventually it will win.
Since our society finds any natural body functions, at best, distasteful, and at worst obscene we learn early to hold it in, all of us, not just men.

As we age, it gets harder to hold back, but fortunately, as we age we find many social mores a little silly.
Old men fart. If you find yourself farting infront of your wife, it just means you’ve become an OF*

*Old Fart! :smiley:

No, if my husband is any indication.

Definitely social conditioning.

Around colleagues and work friends of any sex, no farting. A select group of old and well known friends - anything goes.

Around my wife - let it rip. In fairness she started it. Our first weekend away a month or so into our relationship, in a beautiful little rainforest chalet. She just looked at me and said “I’m so Sorry” Yowsers! I had to step outside for a few minutes.

After age 50, always excuse yourself and leave the room, go to the bathroom and never, ever assume it is just a fart.

Are Men Hard-wired, or conditioned to not Fart Around Women?

In my experience, neither. They just let’er rip…

I’ve noticed on these boards that US American men and women seem much more inhibited about farting around other people. I was amazed when I read about people never, ever farting in front of their spouse - seriously? You get up and go into another room every single time? We’d never get any tv watched if we did that. :slight_smile:

I’d say conditioned, not hard-wired at all. In fact, I’d say humans are hard-wired to find farts funny, but society tries to condition it out of us (with various degrees of success).

I fart all the time around my wife, as does she. Maybe when we very first knew each Oberlin, I’d keep them in, but that didn’t last too long. In public, I will, of course, be discretion and hold them if I can.

That’s’ the truth.
Thanks for the replies, all. :slight_smile:

According to my husband, that would be 45. :smiley:

Hell this has been my rule for a long time and I’m only 39.

Even if I know it’s just a fart, I’ll wait until I’m outside or in a different room. I have an almost phobic fear of passing gas around other people. I won’t fart around my husband or my son, even.

You’re not alone. I once dated a woman for three+ years, and I can’t recall EVER hearing her fart.

To my knowledge my ex-husband, to whom I was married for almost 15 years, never heard me fart.