Ladies farting/burping is sexy

Now don’t get me wrong. Farting or burping in front of someone on the first date is inappropriate (although i’ve smelled perfumes far, far worse), but when you alone with someone you really know and cherish… and they let one rip for the first time… that’s hot. She is completely comfortable with you and trusts you.

Then again, my g/f let one rip right after we had sex. Maybe she couldn’t “control” herself enough to prevent it. Maybe I’m a bit biast because I was “in the moment”.
Nonetheless, I thought it was cute.

What do you think? Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you react?

(of course, I still don’t think it’s sexy if she does it a million times in public)

Girl: “Are those tears of joy?”
Boy: “NO! It’s the smell! Roll down the window!”

I would never, not as long as I could control it anyway.

The only reason to ever fart in front of someone else is if you’re are completely unable to take five seconds to walk into another room. Being in a speeding auto with no time/ability to pull over comes to mind. Or being braindead.

Seriously, this is why God invented the Hold and Pause buttons on telephones and Tivo.

And don’t give me any ‘but it’s perfectly natural’ crap, either. It’s perfectly natural to piss, puke, shit, and menstruate as well, but most prefer to keep these activities solo.

Then why do ladies always go to the bathroom in groups? :smiley:

I don’t mind the farting. But if you’re letting out some particularly stinky ones; by all means, adjourn yourself to the next room!

Dude, now you’ve made me go and question my gender! Surely I’m not the only woman who DOES NOT need a pack of chicks to use the toilet, who feels annoyed and harrassed when female friends try and drag me to the bathroom.

Besides the obvious ‘we’re talking about you’ excuse, it’s because I need a wing-woman to be my tag partner in the ladies-room wrestling matches. And it’s safer, in some instances.

I don’t go in crowds, either.

The crowds I do see in the bathroom together, however, all seem to be talking, doing their hair or makeup… but they don’t seem to be sharing any pissing, puking, shitting, or menstruating moments. Ew.

OK, but are they sharing any farting moments?

Hell, no!

But are they talking about farting moments? :stuck_out_tongue:

No we’re talking about how gross guys are when they burp and fart in groups :stuck_out_tongue:

I burp in front of the SO and he just shakes his head and tells me to keep it down. As long as I don’t tell him what it smelled or tasted like, then he doesn’t get too mad.

No, you’re not. But I thought I was. Nice to meet you!! :wink:

Before I met Lady Mung I told my roommate, “I need a woman who drinks, smokes, spits and cusses.” Magically and within the month, I found her.
After she joined my circle of friends we quickly found ourselves in awe of her gastronomical prowess. She can belch like no other. It makes me so proud.
We try not to subject one another to farting, however.

Although there was the time I walked into one of her burp clouds…ugh, I actually had to sit down.

When I asked Mrs Geek this question she replied “So we can talk about you men.”

It’s kinda funny, when we first met she wouldn’t even eat in front of me because she was too self conscious. Now we’ve been married 14 years and she can burp, fart, you name it. It’s nice to be comfortable in front of each other, but sexy? Cute? No. Definately not.

Now the dilemma here is that the stinkiness cannot be ascertained until said flatus has been released. I guess it’s possible to release a sample, casually do a sniff, then decide if an exit is required. :smiley:
I only have one rule for farts: Thou shall not fart in an elevator.

My SO and I try to out-burp each other sometimes. As for farts, I can’t hold 'em, once I know they’re on their way, they’re here. If I’m in an elevator I’ll try to hold back, but if we’re sitting around at home, I am not running into another room just to fart.

I *hate * going to the bathroom in crowds. I hate when I’m with a bunch of friends and I stand up to the go to the bathroom and a girl says “I’ll go with you!” WTF? I can go all by myself, my mommy taught me years ago, thank you. Bathroom is not Chatty Cathy time, I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

As for burping/farting, I’ll burp in front of my SO. He rolls his eyes and tells me to act like a lady. I don’t go out of my way to fart, and I’ll excuse myself, but sometimes you can’t help it. He always finds it terribly amusing and endearing, since I used to be painfully shy about it…now if he asks “Did you fart?” I just say “Why, are you jealous?”

No. I don’t want him doing it in front of me, and I don’t plan on doing it in front of him. There’s no need for it when the bathroom is right down the hall.

One thing I noticed in college: While waiting for an elevator in our old 15 story apartment/dorm, I would be fine. While stepping on to the elevator I would suddenly have to fart. I would hold it…and hold it…squeeze, damn you, SQUEEZE…and get off. And not have to fart any more. This sucked when I lived on the 14th floor and had to wait at every floor for people to come on. Stupid intestines.

Farting comfortably in front of your SO is, IMHO, a sign of true love. I’ll never understand people who icked out by a perfectly natural biological process. I sometimes feel our lives have become a little too sanitized for our own good.

Anyhow, girls that I’ve dated for a long time have done everything: fart, shit, piss, in front of me (not in a sexual way. Just saying, I’ll be taking a bath, and she’ll come in, plop her ass on the toilet, and piss away.) I don’t see any reason to be uncomfortable about it, and I honestly feel an extra degree of intimacy with anyone I’m comfortable doing that around.