Men....Can you also not fart in front of a woman?

I have never, ever been able to fart in front of a gf or so all my life. They let em rip after a significant fart-free period but I simply CANNOT. I don’t think I’m repressed and Victorian. Any others with this odd neurosis?

raises hand

I can’t either. And I’m a farter-- whoo boy, do I like to let 'em rip. But I just can not bring myself to let one fly in the midst of a female. Family, SO or otherwise.

People tell me that’ll all change once I get married, so we’ll see. But I don’t fart in front of my mom, so how is that any different than farting in front of my eventual wife?


Ah, politeness strikes again! :dubious:

I don’t fart in front of anyone. Not loudly, anyway.

And I believe that bathroom time is personal, private time. My GF disagrees. That’s OK, as long as she doesn’t try to get in the bathroom when I’m using it.


My husband farts loud and lots. I hate it. Just hate it. I’ve never let one slip past the goalie in front of him (and I’ve known him almost 30 years.

I never farted in front of my GF for about 3 years. Then we got engaged around a year ago. I considered that act the termination of the non-fart-aggression pact. I now let er rip whenever I feel like it. She doesn’t mind much, but then mine usually aren’t too noxious.

I think the reason I do this is that I got tired of leaving her house, saying goodnight, and then the inevitable nightly release of pressure as soon as I got in the car. That kind of thing is bad for the digestion.

Me and an ex used to fart at each other. It’s not whether I can fart in front of a female, it’s whether I can stop…

my girlfriend and I often resemble an episode of terrence and phillip… (south park)…

Fart ALWAYS = funny…

I prefer not to pass gas in front of anyone and would also prefer the same courtesy be extended to me. Sometimes the demands of nature must be met and so at those times I attempt to meet them in as dignified a way as possible, with little attention drawn to the actual act itself.

I’ve only farted intentionally in front of a woman once and that was on my sister’s head.

Normally it’s only the midslumber breaks by the methane inmate that my wife will hear, although I’m a heavy sleeper and might not clip them until six or seven seconds into their a capella performance.

I was playing darts with friends once when this guy’s date who was pretty rough did announce “Oooh boy, I gotta fart.” She then lifted her leg and blew us all a big kiss. Later she said “lieu, you need to bring your wife up so we can all meet her.”

Can’t wait.

Both my GF and I fart in front of each other. It took three years first of subdued farting, horrible experience. I think two people secure with each other can fart peacefully. To be secure enough with each other that we can fart together is kinda cutsy. BTW I lost the sense of smell 2 years ago after a surgery. I don’t know if I would feel the same way if I could smell.

My girlfriend thinks it is funny when I fart. I guess she thinks it is manly or something.

She gets a real kick out of it when I light my farts. But hey, it kills the stink so it’s polite :wink: LOL

…what Kalhoun said except more like 15 years or so…

I always appreciate when those about me make the, ermm… effort to maintain a poot-free environment. I do likewise as part of the Golden Rule.

For whatever reason, I’m kinda surprised by Lieu’s post. I’d’ve thought home would be your best place for in-the-field research and development!

Well, I prefer not to. I did once during foreplay with amy German gf…actually 2 or 3 times the same night. They were all silent and thankfully she didn’t say anything at first. But finally she said in her broken english “[Kid]” this kills love". I felt bad about it, but gee, I didn’t get to see her that often. I was a soldier and she was a 4 hour train ride away. Would you have just said to heck with making love???

I also did it in front of a German couple who were good friends. I had downed a few beers so I wasn’t really thinking straight. I lifted one leg, leaned over, made the “grimace” face and sqeezed one out. Kind of embarrassing but what the hell. We were all having fun:cool:

Mine: silent but violent
My SO’s: loud and proud. Nowhere as stinky as mine.

Our “neuroses” lasted for, like, a month.

Wow. This thread is interesting! For me, I figure if a guy can’t accept me as a human, farts and all, he’s a waste of my time. A man who can’t fart in front of me tells me all I need to know about the retentious of his sphincter, actually and mentally. No thanks. Does anyone hold vomit back? Ever spit in front of your mate?

I pay rent so I can have a place to fart. :smiley:

Not only do I fart in front of my GF but when we’re lying in bed I like to get her in a headlock and hold her underneath the covers so she can take in my fragrant smell.

Yep, she’s a lucky girl.