Men buying Women specific items.

My sister hates going to Walmart. I don’t mind. She saw a sundress online that she wanted and she asked me to buy it for her the next time I was there so she wouldn’t have to pay shipping (and there’s no tax on clothing in my state). I felt weird but did so.

So is this weird? Is it common? What do cashiers think, if anything- that I’m a crossdresser or that I know a female that wants it? Any men here have females that put them up to buying stuff for them?

Nobody cares. (Seriously, nobody cares. They might think it’s a gift, they might think your wife sent you, they might even think it’s for you but it is not something anybody cares about.)

I’m female, so I’ve never been in exactly your position. But I think it’s really common. People buy gifts, people buy stuff for family members because they are out shopping, or live closer to the store, or whatever. Men cross-dress. (but the dress probably isn’t your size, and the cashier knows that.) I doubt anyone cares.

I worked retail while going to college, and it was common as dirt for men to buy women’s sanitary products for their wives. When the iPad came out, I read some lady’s joking comment about whether women would send their husbands to the store to buy it for them.

Lots of men buy women specific items for their wives, sisters, daughters and friends. Doubt it even registers. Ok underwear might…a sundress no. Hell I have been asked by my mother and sister to buy sanitry pads and tampons on the way back home and I did and no one said anything.

I’m female, but I see men buying clothing in women’s clothing stores all the time. I just assume they’re buying it for a woman, unless they’re actually trying it on in the dressing room, or holding it up to themselves and asking how it looks, in which case I assume they’re buying it for themselves, but I still don’t care.

There was one really creepy guy in Macy’s lingerie department who was fondling the lingerie and leering at the female shoppers until he was asked to leave. I definitely got a weird vibe from him, but that was more about him not making a purchase than making one. If he’d just gone up to the counter and bought a bunch of bras and panties, I wouldn’t have cared at all.

I currently work retail. I see and assist men who are purchasing sanitary napkins, tampons, douches, vaginal cream, emergency contraception, jewelry, underwear, outerwear, and so on and so forth. As others have said, I usually assume it’s for a woman in their life. Even if it’s not, really, nobody cares - we’re there to sell stuff. Well, OK, the 6 foot plus, very obvious, very flaming crossdresser sashaying down the aisles got noticed but that person very clearly wanted attention.

It’s not every man, but it’s fairly common.

Once you move in with someone, and especially after marriage and kids, there’s nothing in the world you’ll be embarrassed about buying at the store, and as mentioned, no one else gives a shit anyway.

My husband was a stay-at-home dad and did most of the shopping. He bought sanitary products, and when our daughter was younger, he bought all her bras and panties. No one ever said “boo” to him. This is unlike his experience smiling at small children in public places. Usually, no one cares, rarely, the parents are happy that he is entertaining their kids, but it’s not uncommon for some over-anxious mother to react negatively to his smiling at her children.

As a long-married man and the father of two daughters, I can tell you that no one who works at Wal*Mart is paid enough to care what you buy.

Wow, a lot of ladies in there with answers right quick. As another male:

Grocery or pharmacy type items, I’ve never gotten so much as an eyebrow twitch. Jewelry, the same. Apparel, maybe it’s me but there seems to be some curiosity when a man buys women’s clothing. One of my sisters is about my height and a bit heavier and once called me at work to run by Lane Bryant (a women’s plus-size chain) to get her a “tankini” and FedEx it to her in time to make her vacation cruise. I went after work so you had a banker type with suit and briefcase browsing the swimwear, discussing color choices on his cellphone.

The staff seemed quite interested. Maybe Lane Bryant just has attentive service.

Another time I bought a dark green knit dress at Neiman Marcus for a friend that seemed to draw a lot of interest, but green isn’t my color so maybe that was just questioning my judgement.

I’m a guy who has worked as a cashier at a Walmart before, so I feel I speak from a slight position of authority when I say that no one cares. The drones at the registers could not care less about what you buy.

As a guy who was married for 5 years (about 2 of those happy), I can say that I never had anyone say anything snarky to me buying tampons or anything like that.

Man here, bought all kinds of stuff and it has always been fine. And I don’t mind, of course.