Men - Can you tell when a condom has slipped off?

My title is my question. As a woman, I can’t tell when a condom has slipped off during sex, but can a man?

Not always.
Evidence the three children living in my house. :smiley:

Actually, sometimes it feels like it’s broke and it really isn’t and other times you don’t notice that it tore. I’ve never had them fall off, they usually break and most of it is still in place except for the gaping hole.


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As a poster:

Sometimes, but usually it’ll be a while after the slip off happened. Never had one tear, but that would probably be the same.


I don’t use condoms except with prostitutes.

I managed to push right through and out the other side once or twice, and I wasn’t at all sure that it had happened. (It happened about the last time the Cheatin’ Ex and I did the nasty. I reassured her that come what may I wouldn’t leave to face things alone, and if it’s possible to convey in a single look the entire sentence “Idiot, I’ve already decided to leave you as soon as maybe, and the last thing I need is a complication like this”, she sure did. Fortunately, no harm was done.)

Yeah, but can you tell when they slip off?

I’m sure it depends on the type you’re using, it’s only happened to me once or twice, and I could definitely tell the difference.

Almost always.

Perhaps there’s yet another culture difference at play here. What I said meant that I didn’t use them.

As professionals, they surely can tell when one of yours breaks…and instantly realize in horror of what they are about to catch.

Nope, can’t tell at all.

You’re the nasty shag :wink:

I think the correct thing to say on the Straight Dope Message Board: Thank you, I’ll be here all night

Ditto the majority. This actually happened to me two weeks ago. Rather freaky, for me and for her. Thankfully we noticed when we were switching positions, before I had climaxed, but of course that’s no guarantee of anything.

It’s only happened once and I noticed something was… different… enough for me to reach down — “Hey! Wherediditgo?”

But it was really subtle and if I’d been drinking/drunk I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

ETA: And ditto what Uncommon Sense said. Since the one time it came off, I’ve often thought it had or was otherwise compromised, when it wasn’t.

So, for you guys are we talking just a tear? Or are we talking condom slipped off completely? Does it matter?

And, this is not the basis for my question but the responses make me wonder: If you can’t always tell when a condom slips off during sex, then doesn’t that kill the “sex with a condom is like a shower in a raincoat” reasoning behind refusing to wear one?

I’ve never had a condom malfunction, so I wouldn’t know.

Thank you, sturmhauke. That’s very helpful. I’m glad you took the time to post that for me. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: (Goofball!)

Yeah, I can tell. Everything feels different. Even a blowout or tear feels different. In fact, a tear or blowout usualy feels even more different than just a slip-off. You know - different parts of the wedding tackle getting different sensations, right next door to each other. The contrast is attention-getting, and somtimes rather painful, if things get pinched.