Men: do you notice a woman's nail polish and/or shoes?

In another thread, there’s a debate (mostly between me and two other posters) about whether or not men care about a woman’s nails, shoes, and other aesthetic accessories.

As I stated, I do not care. But I am now genuinely curious about whether other men care, and how much. Hence, this poll.

Men, do you notice a woman’s nail polish, her shoes, the makeup she is wearing, and other things that I am told women spend a great deal of time on?

Yes. But - I don’t remember what it was like before. I do notice what it’s like now, but more likely than not, I can’t tell you if it’s changed from yesterday, or if she’s had a haircut, etc, etc. I guess it doesn’t stick in my mind.

Also - link to the original debate? (I understand if you’d rather not, so as not to bias this)

I notice them all. It matters to me. Too much glitz isn’t good, though… just the right amount of care from head to toe matters.

I never notice anything like that. I’m not a very visual person. I focus on what people say.

If I notice nails, it’s because they are highly decorated, e.g, with pictures of flowers or hearts. If I notice make-up, it’s because it’s overdone. Noticing the shoes may not be such a bad thing, but I might wonder, “How can she walk in those heels?” or “How does she manage to put those boots on?” But usually I don’t notice – there doesn’t seem to be an option for that.

I notice ugly nail polish. Blue, green, black usually stand out and I think: What look were you going for? In general I prefer a woman with short nails and no polish.

I wouldn’t notice shoes unless they were so unusual as to really stand out.

Maybe I should specify:

Do you notice them in terms of attraction? Like, “wow, those nails/shoes/makeups are sexy” or something more subtle but still connected to that tingle of attraction to the opposite sex?

Or is the noticing totally neutral, like “hmm. Her nails are colored. Ho hum.”

If it’s the latter, please vote that you don’t care!!!

This is me to a T.

I notice but only in two very broad categories: “Hot” and “truly awful.” So I guess the answer is: if it’s something I find to be hot.

A woman just walking down the street I don’t notice any of those things.

If I am talking to her in person and we are close up I’ll notice her make-up and might look at her nails if the opportunity comes up because any looking down while we are talking and she’ll assume I’m looking at her tits which I am also looking to steal a peek of.

If I’m walking behind her and she looks nice I’ll glance down at her sheos after looking at her ass.

But other than those instances I don’t notice. There is only so much time in the day and so many titties to enjoy that I can’t be bothered to look at the trivial stuff.

Now if she is a girlfriend then I’ll notice all those things about her as I enjoy just generally looking at her but just some woman on the street I don’t.

You don’t notice that you notice. But, put a woman with make-up, hair did/ nails did, everything did and a set of stilettos next to a woman with flip flops, nails bitten to the quick and a baggy sweat shirt, and you are gonna go for the done up one.

I think that the poll is flawed. I may not notice these things individually, but I notice the overall effect. I may not notice if what kind of brands she is wearing, but I do notice if she looks well put together or whether she looks slovenly or somewhere in the middle.

I don’t notice nails or makeup unless they’re overdone/gaudy. At least, it’s not the first thing I notice. Shoes I don’t pay attention to at all.

That’s exactly what I was going to say. You’re noticing the overall package, which consists of many details that make up a becoming big picture. If a woman were wearing no make up, unflattering clothes and bummy shoes, she wouldn’t look as attractive as she would if she were composed more stylishly. Of course everyone notices loud, horrible make up and styling, but generally if a woman wears subdued but pretty make up and clothing, you will notice the intended effect (increased attractiveness) without recognizing the details that created the effect. If we took the same woman and dressed her in Style A, which comprises of nice shoes, natural-looking make up, and neatly groomed nails, then dressed her in Style B, ugly shoes, no make up, and chipped nails, your preference would be A.

Guys here don’t like heels, because they’re weird, but other than that, yeah.

I notice these things, probably makeup the most. But, I tend to notice when it’s either extreme (very brightly colored or complex manicures, too much makeup), or, in the case of a woman whom I know well, when it’s a change (a different makeup style, etc.)

Now “notice” does not necessarily lead to “care”, which is a difference between the poll questions and the text of the OP.

I am a leg/foot man, and I will usually notice a woman’s shoes before just about anything else. The right pair of shoes can be very sexy. It is not a requirement that someone be wearing sexy shoes to find them attractive, of course, but it is the sort of thing that will quickly get my attention.

I will notice nail polish if the color stands out, but it has little to do with how attractive I find a person. Makeup is similar, for me.

Generally speaking, I’d be more attracted to the girl in zoriis, a baggy shirt, and no makeup. And unpainted, clipped nails. (Chewed nails indicate a nervous condition to me.)

Sez who?

I still think this poll doesn’t get to the heart of the matter and is deeply flawed.

Even things you do not consciously notice can still add up. You may not be a huge lighting fiend, but you probably feel more comfortable in a room with nice indirect lighting rather than blaring florescent, even if you can’t put your finger on why one room is better than the other. The subtle aroma of vanilla is proven to make people buy more at a bakery, even if they never say “hey, that’s vanilla that I’m smelling.”

You probably don’t notice that a woman always has a nice manicure. But you might have a sense that “she’s put together” or “she takes care of herself.” I bet if you look carefully, those girls who “take care of themselves” have neatly trimmed nails (and don’t be fooled- a pricey time-consuming manicure does not always mean bright colors…half the time I get clear or barely-noticeable French) It gives off the subtle but very real vibe that a woman spends time and money on her grooming.

How do I know this? I never used to keep up my nails. Then I started to, and was shocked at how many people said the exact words “You look like you take care of yourself.”

I imagine very few guys care exactly what shoes a woman is wearing. But they do notice if she has nice legs. If they took a tally, I bet they’d notice that every woman with “nice legs,” a “nice butt” or a “sexy walk” is wearing heels. I bet they hardly ever notice the legs of women in flats. They may not even make the connection between “sexy bottom half” and “wearing heels,” much less wearing any specific pair of heels. But it is there.

Likewise with makeup. Since most sexually available women wear some make-up, I don’t think men really understand how unattractive many of us can be without it. Half of make-up is designed to not really be explicitly noticeable at all. But in a side-by-side comparison, you’d almost certainly prefer the made-up face. And on a day-to-day basis, a woman’s makeup is going to contribute significantly to your overall assessment of her, even if you don’t really care about the makeup itself.

It would be better for guys to take a sample of, say five girls that they are attracted to and five girls of similar age that they are not attracted to and then see if those girls have certain grooming traits in common.

I read the thread and I also feel you are asking the wrong question. If a woman does not do her hair or nailpolish or wear fancy shoes, you probably won’t notice, but you might think she was not put together well, or perhaps that she had let herself go or something.