Women: Do you notice a man's shoes?

Does it make a difference to you if a man is wearing designer shoes? Is it sufficient that they are simply clean and moderately match his clothing?

I do notice if they’re particularly nice, but I have no idea if they are designer or anything. If they look really good, that’s what catches my eye, otherwise I rarely look at a guy’s feet.

I do not notice a man’s shoes, or anybody’s shoes for that matter. Not surprisingly I pay little attention to my own shoes (their appearance. I’m the princess-and-the-pea when it comes to comfort). I sometimes wish I could manage to notice shoes more, as others seem to set such store by them, but I just can’t muster up the interest.

Clothes closer to the face and other interesting body parts, I do notice.

I probably wouldn’t recognize most designer shoes, on men or women.

Unless they’re really inappropriate (white sneakers or birkenstocks under a tux) I don’t.
General styling, neat combining of T- and other shirts, presentable (and preferably non-white, non-sporty) socks, yes. Designers shoes, contrary to the myth, no.

I would notice if he was wearing really dirty shoes, or high heels with bows, or something else eccentric.

But I can’t tell designer shoes from any other kind. I just don’t ‘get’ designer clothing!

Designer shoes???

I wouldn’t even know what they looked like.
I suppose there are women who would know. And notice. Like maybe the woman who came in to work the other day. With a bag that had PRADAPRADAPRADPRADAPRADA written across it. Looked like any other bag to me. I felt sorry for her.

I think good quality shoes (NOT the same as designer) speak well of a man. And ones that are cared for. And ones that go with his outfit.

I will notice:

very good looking shoes
very ugly shoes
flashy shoes
inappropriate shoes
Everything else won’t register.

I do notice men’s shoes, but I’m not into designer shoes. I judge men by their shoes–sorry, it’s shallow, but I don’t trust men with shoes I don’t like. Not expensive shoes, just nice shoes. I think it’s just plain oogy to wear shoes without socks, especially boat shoes. Socks with sandals–that’s weird, too.


Ditto for the first part.

And for the second - I love nice, well made clothing, but I’m much more impressed by people who buy one nice piece and accent it well than by those people who run around with the PRADAPRADAPRADAPRADA bag and the BEBE shirt and the GUESS jeans and the BURBERRYBURBERRYBURBERRY scarf and the CHANEL glasses and so on and so on. In other words, I see nothing wrong with wearing expensive clothes if it’s well made and it’s going to last and it fits well, but no point in advertising that fact to show off. Who cares?

I’m not a big fan of the leather-loafers-without socks look, especially paired with shorts. Other than that, I can tolerate most guys’ shoes. I have no idea what a designer shoe looks like. Sad, but true.

Yes, this would be sufficient.

Yeah, me too.

I will also notice sneakers I particularly like, for example, if a guy is wearing Converse One Stars or Chuck Taylors… I like those a lot. :slight_smile:

I notice them, but I’m not really very picky about man-shoes. If they don’t look ridiculous with what he’s wearing, and they’re not all grungy and full of holes, I’ll take them. Personally, I adore gorgeous shoes, but I realize that most men don’t, and I can live with that.

As long as he doesn’t bitch when I bring home a new pair for me!

I was at a hostess bar in Tokyo one evening. One of the working ladies told me that she is able to guess the man’s age by looking at the of shoes they are wearing. She guessed my age right on. She said that after hosting many men over the years, one picks up on thee types of things.

I notice when a guy is wearing a black shirt and brown shoes. Big no-no. Drives me crazy.

But yeah I do notice shoes, but mainly to see if they match (if they are dress shoes or Doc Marten type shoes) and I like to see what kind of sneakers they wear, andf if they are ugly or not. I hate when guys wear big ugly sneakers.

I’m a guy who owns over a dozen pairs of shoes, none too expensive. I try to wear shoes that fit what I’m wearing is all.

I find it strange that guys will spend hundreds of dollars on rims for their cars (which are essentially shoes for cars) but walk around in filthy sneakers.

Women sure do look at a man’s shoes.
When I first found out about this many years ago, I started looking for it.
And sure enough, in social or business situations upon meeting a woman for the first time, the eyes go right to the shoes.

This is where I started to turn around and invest in quality shoes and clothing.
Eventually I just liked them for myself.

Unless they’re canary yellow, no, I won’t notice.

Or care.

And if your canary yellow shoes are designer, I won’t care either.

Then again, I don’t notice or care about much of… well, anything. I might notice if you’re naked, though. If your penis is canary yellow.