Men: How often do you notice what another man is wearing?

I was just wondering… This afternoon I was walking around the lumber yard where I live looking at some of the restoration lumber they had laying around for sale, when this gentleman walked in wearing a tweed sport coat, carhardt pants and a roughcut L.L. Bean buttondown. He looked handsome in my opinion… As a man who is happily married and heterosexual, I find no problem calling another man handsome, or commenting on what he is wearing. I happen to like the way mens clothing looks from places like Orvis , Territory Ahead , and L.L. Bean … So when I see someone wearing such clothes I comment on it, sometimes directly to them, or to my wife…

So, Men, do you notice what other men are wearing? If so what do you like?

Women: Do you ever see your man commenting on what other men are wearing or is this a realm they tend not to touch with a ten foot pole?

The only time I’ve ever seen a man (one in my circle anyway) comment on what another man is wearing is to mock him soundly.

I’m sorry, we’re going to have to suspend your Man Card. If you had only noticed what another guy was wearing and maintained a stony, masculine silence, we would have let you off with a warning. But if you actually complimented another man on his apparel, that’s just not on. If you wish to reinstate your Man Card, you’re going to have to watch 6 Sports Centers daily, use power tools 5 times a week and resist seeing a doctor about 4 illnesses/injuries over the next 3 months or else you’ll be facing revocation.

I’m a straight guy. I frequently exchange compliments with the other guys in my building.

However, every last one of the other guys in my building is gay.

I notice what the other fella’s are wearing at our annual Halloween party. But other than that, I only notice in a clinical ‘take stock of my surroundings’ kind of way. So while I’d be able to recognize Mr. Tweed again if I saw him, I wouldn’t have formed an opinion on his clothing.

Apparently you have contracted a minor case of the gay. You might want to see a doctor about that–next thing you know you’ll be singing show tunes and dressing in tight leather.

I never notice what another guy is wearing, unless they’re wearing something really weird that is specifically designed to call attention to itself. I’ve often thought that I would a terrible police witness, because my descriptions of what the suspect looked like would be so poor – “Well, officer, he was just kind of an average looking guy wearing, you know…clothes.”

The one time I noticed what another guy wore was one time in London when I saw this guy about my age who had on a very formal, old-fashioned work suit and – the kicker – an old fashioned hat pulled down low over his eyes (a fedora?). He looked straight out of the 1930s, like he was Sam Spade or something – “Nice!” I thought.

… howver, the fact that this happened at a lumber yard means you can subtract 3 sports centers, 2 power tool uses and an illness/injury report.

I notice, but never comment, except to mock. I see such a variety of attempts at business casual that the impulse to mock must be severely restrained. There are a lot of Geeks here.

:confused: Notice what a guy is wearing?
Maybe if he has on a kilt or an Inverness or something, but I’m not going to comment. Well, if it was a Harris Tweed Inverness, I might, but it’d have to be phrased very carefully. On second thought, no. Just typing that freaked me out…

I might sometimes glance at the logo on polo shirts (“Hey, the IBM guys have been here”)

Heck, unless it’s revealing, I don’t notice what chic… women are wearing.

Other men are nothing more than mobile obstacles. I watch out for jagged edges or other hazards, and negotiate around them.

Maybe not, but I bet you’re imagining what they look like when they’re wearing nothing (or very, very little).

Nah. It’s our version of talking about football.

“That black velvet blazer is nice.”

“Thanks. Where did you get those shoes?”

My wife thinks it’s hilarious.

Which is why I find it absolutely terrifying that most women I know can recognize a new shirt I’m wearing better than I can even though I’m the one who bought it and put it on that day. It’s like they have little fashion-oriented Geiger counters in their heads attuned to the newness of outfits. Hell, most of the time I have to look down to find out what I’m wearing on any given day.

I rarely notice what another guy is wearing, but I do notice when they have easy access to restoration lumber layin’ around… and get damn jealous about it too!

Man, I’d trade my brown Carhartt work jacket and plaid Pendelton shirt for some restored 12x12x10 oak beams.

Well, I don’t notice clothes but I do checkout hats. I’m a hat guy. I wear one everyday and have, on occassion, been particularly impressed by a man’s choice of headwear.

But actually complimenting the guy?

I’d rather sit in the Black Hole at the Oakland Coliseum wearing an Elway throwback.

Never, ever use this phrase again. The proper term is ‘shirt’. I might have given you a pass on knowing that they were Carhardts, but the use of ‘roughcut’ puts this way beyond the pale.

“Yes officer, she was wearing a black garter thing and torn fishnet stockings… Huh? In real life? I dunno, too much I guess.”

I often tell someone if I think there tie is nice, or if I like the particular suit they are wearing that day. But on the same note, I will be quick to make fun of someone if they are wearing something that does not match, or is just plain ugly. And I get the same in return.

You straight guys are funny.

I tend to notice what everyone is wearing, if it is at all interesting/weird or especially good or bad I will remember, otherwise I forget instantly. I would rib a man for wearing silly or humourous clothing.

On guys? Hell, when my wife and I split up at the mall, I have a hard time remembering what *she *was wearing when I’m looking for her.

Now, if he happens to be holding some sort of power tool (DeWalt? Makita? 18V?), consumer eletronics(GPS, MP3, PDA?), or other piece of kit, that’s a different matter.

The only clothing thing I register on guys is categories: jeans/no jeans, tie/no tie, suit or jacket / no suit or jacket.

Oh, and if her were wearing a level 3 hazmat suit, I would notice that, especially if he were telling me to not panic & leave the building.