Men of A Certain Age

Being a man of around that certain age (ok, maybe slightly older), I was glad to see a television series finally come around that centers around a demographic that I am a part of that is coupled with intelligent writing and great acting.

Imagine, three men who don’t talk in stereotypical fashion but instead have real concerns about real situations one might find in everyday life. No conjured-up, unbelievable circumstances with stupid and unrealistic reactions by the players. Also, I don’t sense a political lean one way or the other as opposed to almost all national network programming (in my view). Another plus is the fact that the men here are not all portrayed as uncaring, womanizers and family breakers. The women in the storylines have their weaknesses as well as the men.

Anyway, for a man, I’m glad there is a TV series I can somewhat relate to.

I thoroughly enjoyed the season premiere last night, especially the part where Owen finally stands up to his father, telling him they’re going to install a body shop, no matter what and the father caves.

I keep meaning to catch this show; thanks for the good reviews. I will definitely put it into my lineup :slight_smile:

Yeah, I really enjoyed this show as well. I watched a marathon of four episodes in a row and I am hooked. Well written and directed, the actors are a great match for the characters they play.

I watched the entire first season religiously, hoping for it to take off. I enjoyed the concept, the characters, and the style. And every episode seemed to have one great laugh-out-loud scene. But somehow, it never really got good enough for me to program in a series recording to the DVR. After the first season, I gave up. Maybe I should give it another try?

I also watched the first season; in fact I forced myself to watch it. I found it to be rather boring.