"We Are Men" on CBS

I’m not normally into sitcoms but this has an interesting cast with Tony Shalhoub, Kal Penn and Jerry O’Connell so I decided to check it out. I didn’t laugh my ass off but I did enjoy it, mostly I think because of the character acting. Did anyone else catch the pilot. What did you think?

Turned it off after about 10 minutes. Didn’t care about any of the characters.

These writers are fucking idiots.

I assume there target demographic is the 21-40-something male crowd. If that is indeed the case, two things right off the bat:

1.) Tell Jerry O’ to keep his damn clothes on.

2.) A male passenger (I’m looking at you Jerry O’) WILL NOT under any circumstances, lift a soda up to the drivers mouth while he (the driver) drinks from the straw. This is not how men behave, even metrosexual ones.

I’m going to give this show a shot as it has some good chest beating, knuckle dragging, potential. But these guys better get a clue pretty quick.

I like Tony Shalhoub and Kal Penn, but also turned this show off after about 10 minutes. All of the characters were obnoxious and the whole thing seemed both boring and moderately offensive. Not even offensive enough to be interesting, just “Har har, men are dogs and women are shrews, amiright?”

I don’t think I got that far. I lived in such a condo complex once, and there is plenty of material for great comedy and/or drama. This didn’t have either.

It’s nice to see all the love for this show. I guess that guarantees it being a hit in much the same way as 2 Broke Girls - another of my favorites (hehehe :D)

Watched it all the way through, will not repeat the experience.

It was not the worst new show of the season so far (those honors go to The Greenburgs, Dads, The Crazy Ones).

It has potential - the varying sort of single guys living in a complex like that.

Lived in LA and saw lots of those characters, so there is certainly enough fodder for multiple stories and scenes and events - so, it could get good.

Will watch another episode or two before deciding - but as mentioned, by far not the worst new series of the season as of yet.

Yeah, I have to assume that somebody like Tony Shalhoub and probably the others had their pick of shows they could have signed on to so if they picked this one, they had pretty good reasons to. The lack of faith in their judgment as actors is a little disturbing. I can see that in the case of O’Connell and Penn perhaps given their resumes, but not Shalhoub.

Well, 2 Broke Girls at least has Kat Dennings two serious entertainment talents. I can make it through about the first commercial break on that show. Also, seeing that Garrett Morris is still alive and no older looking than in the 1970s helps me fool myself about my age. But yes. 2BG sucks.

Shalhoub doesn’t have good taste in projects, or did you miss “Monk”? Monk was terrible except for Shalhoub and Levine. I think I watched at least five whole episodes.

He has a long list of nominations and awards for Monk so you’ll forgive me if I think you don’t know your ass from your elbow.

And I’ll forgive you for your poor reading comprehension skills. Shalhoub is a terrific actor. He was the only thing that made that project work at all, as the awards won by that show in its entirety amply demonstrate: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0312172/awards?ref_=tt_ql_4

Pretty much every award the show won was won by Shalhoub (and some guest appearances by Shalhoub’s friends Stanley Tucci and John Turturro). Levine was also good, as always. But that was a long run for an hour long show with very few awards won by other than the star. There was a reason for that. The show had one well-worn MacGuffin, the savant detective, and weak writing. That it was successful was a testament to Shalhoub, not his ability to pick vehicles.

You want to see Shalhoub pick a great vehicle? Get his friend Stanley Tucci to pick it for him, like “The Big Night”. But the occasional excellent movie doesn’t pay the bills I suppose. In The Big Night, Tucci and Shalhoub show what they can really do, and it is amazing.

Sometimes an actor makes a series and that was the case with Monk. If you want to split hairs, that’s fine, but it doesn’t change the reality. The fact that Shalhoub won the awards and not the show is just the acting community recognizing that fact - as they should. But he saw the potential in the show and what he could do with it, which is the point I was trying to make and which you seem to be missing.

I’m not missing your point, we disagree. It was a terrible one note show based almost exclusively on the talent of the lead actor and unwatchable after even a few episodes of that. It was like Matlock or Murder She Wrote because the star was very talented, but not as watchable.

That’s very much a matter of opinion and I don’t think I’d put it in the same category as those shows. And you think Andy Griffith was a great actor? Really? Lansbury I suppose I have to concede even though I really never liked her - but AG? Puh-leeezzzeee.

I would imagine, then, upon reading the reviews here that the phrase “We are Devo” thus applies?

No, they were asking “are we not men” because they weren’t quite sure.

Catch A Face in the Crowd next time it’s on TCM. You’ll change your mind.

Andy Griffith was a great actor who often choose mediocre material. A Face In the Crowd is one he absolutely nails. A very apt comparison to Shalhoub, although I think Shalhoub has taken more meatier parts. I wish him well, I think he is tremendously talented. But Monk was really not better than Matlock or Murder She Wrote, which I could at least watch without getting really irritated with the main character.

For what it is worth, I loathed the first season of Parks and Recreation, and eventually came to like it second season. What “We Are Men” needs are characters people can identify with and care about. It doesn’t have that yet. I’m going to give it six weeks before I watch it again and hope that the writers and actors can put it together. This situation ought to be great for comedy.