Men...recommend me some khakis

Since they are my daily work attire I have an assorted collection of black, navy, and khaki pants.

I know they are the monopoly on khakis but I hate Dockers. Their sizing is inconsistant that I have to try on every pair before I buy, and they seem to shrink with every washing even though I line dry them.
Old Navy khakis were okay for a while but they seemed to be made cheaply and wore out too fast.
My favorite by far are the Ralph Lauren Philip Pant. Awesome fit and they never shrink. Problem is I can’t find them for less than $60.

Any other brands I should try?

I’ve just popped into the Gap and it’s hit or miss for me in there from season to season. But, if you like flat front, low waist slacks, they have them in spades. Good prices too as it’s all on sale, up to 50% off. They have classic chinos in straight fit/slim fit as well as dressier slacks in a few different colours. Check it out. Good luck.

I really like ROC pants by columbia. I like the little cell phone pocket, and the security pocket. They fit nice, and wear hard. They are material is pretty much on the cusp of “Khaki” and “Jean” though, so you may have to make the call.

I’m still bitter that they stopped making them in blue. When I find pants I like, I buy one of each color.

The Philip Pant is nice and very hard to beat.

Tommy Bahama has a new pant out made of Tencel and cotton. Very comfy and easy to care for. A little pricey though.

I see you are in the Twin Cities, like me. I would suggest going to the nearest Marshall Field’s, and looking for khakis in their “Field Gear” section. Great fit & wear, and usually under $30. I got a bunch on sale for under $20.

Hope that helps.

Someone recently posted this site that actually looks pretty good!

Design your clothes to fit, nice price, and if it still doesnt’ fit, return for refund.

Sounds like a can’t miss deal to me!

The best pair of khaki’s I own is from express for men… of course I only have 2 pairs of khakis, one from express and one from Gap.

I find that Eddie Bauer pants wear very well. Sometimes they shrink too much, but on average EB is good slacks.

My new favorite is Dockers Premium Authentic. Much nicer than the standard Dockers.

Well, the Philip is going for $58.50 at Nordstrom.

You ain’t from around here, are ya? Everyone knows that even though the name change was years ago, it should still be refered to as Daytons?
that’s where I bought my columbia roc pants too. Go to dayton’s Hampshire

I am from around here. In fact, I worked at Dayton’s for over ten years. Face it, the name’s changed. Sounds like you’re living in the suburb of Denial. :wink:

Maybe I will opt for some of the Field Gear pants from Marshall Field’s.

(I don’t think they carry Dayton Gear anymore)

It’s basically the same stuff that they used to carry under the “Boundary Waters” label. Happy pants hunting! (My job here is done.)

I’ve had good luck with haggar stuff, especially the cool 18 pants, but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I get hot very easily.

The good part is that they’re very available at Kohl’s, where everything seems to be on sale all the time.

Merona, from Target. 100% cotton, ~$20. While that brand’s cotton dress shirts don’t make muster for me (they wear out too quickly), the slacks are great.

And they come in odd waist sizes. I usually, with other brands, have to settle for a 32 inch waist, but the Meronas come in 31s.

Merona and Cherokee (both Target) are decent, serviceable khakis.

Haggar are pretty good- they run a tad small, like Dockers tend to.

Old Navy has good ones too- they run large.

I got a couple of pairs at Sam’s Club of a brand called “Savane”, and they’re pretty nice as well.

Oh… send them to the cleaners. Any of them will last damn near forever if you dry clean them, plus you don’t have to fool around with ironing them. I’ve had a pair of Dockers 100% cotton khakis for something like 15 years now because I get them drycleaned, not laundered.

Ditto bump on the dry cleaning (not every time you wear’em). I had Hot Wings for dinner at Hooter’s tonight with a work bud. Were it not for a failed airborne connection with one Hot Wing, these trousers would’ve gone their normal 4-8 day working rotation before another visit to the cleaners. As it is, the resulting grease spot too much resembles an artifact of dribble dick, so into the laundry pile they go.

I do, as well, have some Cherokee slacks, and they’re OK, but for khakis Merona stands out.

Nordstrom. They’re dirt cheap ($30), fit great, and stay flat and crisp for several wearings.

In the past, I’ve been happy with Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, J Crew and the Gap. These are easily the best of the lot.

I get all mine from LL Bean. I’ve never gone wrong.