Men, you are asked to stop in mid coital frenzy

For what ever reason.

You are halfway to O

She just says stop, please get off me.


…stop. Happens on a regular basis in my household.

… stop.*

To do otherwise is to risk being charged with rape.

  • Unless there is a prior understanding that this is an BDSM-type situation in which non-consent is part of the game, in which case she would have to use her safe word.

ETA: stating “There is a poll on the way” would have been good.

Wait, me and you are mid-coital? No offense but you should buy me dinner first.

Same here.

Fuck ! the Title should be

Men, you are asked…?

I selected withdraw immediately, but it would be one of the top two. Need multiple choices. Depends on how she said it, and possibly what we had discussed before or during…

Because if you don’t give advance warning, you can be charged with rape.

Yeah, there’s a lot of missing information.

I picked the second option because I’d take second or two to say “What? Really?”

If she was emphatic, there’s no way I’d continue on until orgasm.

Really? I’ve never heard of this. I can only assume (I am female) that there is some unexplained pain.

seconded, but as a male… can someone explain the circumstances surrounding the ongoing need to stop mid-coitus?

My wife lasts a few minutes before she comes. If I don’t come within a few seconds after she does, she gets extremely uncomfortable and I have to stop. My first wife was the same way.

I have had a (very few) ex’s soooo sensitive.

I had forgotten! Usually the other way around…

Yeah…speaking as a female, sometimes it’s just “Wait a sec, this is kind of uncomfortable.” And sometimes there’s, “No more sex, period.” I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation where it was the latter but I’ve had the former–sometimes it’s sort of hitting you at a weird angle or your head is against the wall or ow, you’re being crushed (little things bruise easily!).

Sometimes it’s unexplained. Most of the time, she’s too dry to continue. Or she loses interest once she comes. Either way, it’s incredibly straining on the relationship.

On the two occasions when I have had to say “stop immediately,” it was because I was in extreme pain (difficult to continue with coitus when you have a functional ovarian cyst about the size of a grapefruit sharing space in there… I hadn’t realized it was that bad) or about to be very sick (I practically threw the gentleman off me in my run to the bathroom).

Title changed from “Me, you are asked…” to "Men, you are asked.

Which did marvelous things for his ego.

I’m sorry.
I edited this to splain I’m not his partner just sorry that happens to him.

(Female here, so I didn’t answer the poll.) I was once mid-coitus on top of a fellow I’d picked up at a party in college when he suddenly said, “Wait, I shouldn’t, I have a girlfriend.” I hopped off immediately. That was annoying.