menopause dreams

It’s 2 am and I’m wide awake after (another) disturbing and vivid dream. I’m 43 and having some of the early signs that perimenopause is coming (or already here). But it’s the dreams that are causing trouble.

For the last several nights I have woken up several time and had trouble getting back to sleep. The dreams are so vivid and it seems like I’m half awake during them. And they are all about angry feelings.

I dream about an argument with my husband, or an acquaintance being eaten by a crocodile, or yelling at my friend. I wake up sweaty and with my mind racing.

Is this related to menopausal hormone fluctuations? Anyone else have these experiences? Any advice?

Sorry if incoherent, I’m sleep deprived and it’s now 2:26

My advice is to journal those dreams. As you write them down you may start noticing patterns that are easier to see if you write them and may give you some insight. This is just based on dream interpretations, not necessarily menopause dreams, which is based on that dreams are either our sub-conscious telling us things, or spiritual guided or both.

Any non-woo answers?