Men's Restroom Etiquette Poll

You’re a guy, or pretending you’re a guy, and you go into the men’s room to take care of a #1 condition, and all the urinals are in use, and you decide to use a stall instead, do you… close and lock the stall door, or leave it open?

You guys have poles in there? Freak show, man.

curious11 the men’s room etiquette police will be along for you shortly. You know the number one rule about men’s room secrets is to never mention the pole even in a poll.

Oops, how embarassing. Please change Pole to Poll.

And leave my joke stranded? You heartless bastard!

Why would anyone leave it open?

[Beavis]heh heh he said pole heh heh heh[/Beavis]

Closed, duh.

I close the door behind me.

I only usually find myself in this situation at a sporting event or concert; in these cases, I wouldn’t bother closing the door because there’s usually a line-up of several hundred people waiting to piss next and it seems that the opening and closing of the door is inefficient.

I’ll close it. But never bother locking it.

Do men actually go into a stall in the restroom and not close and lock the door?

Why would you need to close and lock a door to pee into a toilet when you don’t need to close and lock a door behind you to pee into a urinal?

Yeah, it’s not like being in a stall means my back is suddenly more private. Why bother with something that makes no difference?

Yeah, that’s more accurate than simply saying “I’ll close it” because it’s really a token gesture. But one that I still make, anyway.

For one thing, in a long line of stalls it more clearly indicates to others that it is in use - sure the door’s half swung open from not being locked, but it’s also half CLOSED so it doesn’t look open. It’s annoying to walk down the line past 3 or 4 stalls to find that the one you thought was available, isn’t, and now you’re stranded there past the line.

Closed and locked. But I prefer to use a stall anyway. I really don’t care for peeing around strangers and the illusion of privacy afforded by the stall works for me.

A man walks into the bathroom. Seeing that all the urinals are occupied he makes his way to the first stall door and attempts to open it. There are two ways this can go down:

1.) The door is locked. Realizing that this stall is occupied he moves to the next ones and urinates there.
2.) The door opens and he instinctively steps inside, finding himself breathing down my neck. He can’t help but look down over my shoulder and see my junk and he is overcome with homoerotic urges the likes of which he’s never experienced. My screams for help go ignored and both of our lives are ruined.

Easy choice.

Yeah, I’ve utilized unlocked stalls for peeing purposes a myriad of times; many of those times were at late hours on or by college campuses where much drinking had occurred and I’ve never been attacked by an overwhelmed man. Why? Because it’s actually not that difficult to tell if a stall is in use.

I think it’s natural to close and lock the door because that’s the default for using the stall when you have to go #2, right? Please tell me I’m right. Men have odd bathroom etiquette rules.

I’ll usually go in the stall and position the door behind me so it’s not bumping into my elbow. It’s not locked, but not completely open either.

I don’t know how that fits in the poll.

See, the poll doesn’t reflect that. I close but don’t latch the door.