Men's skirts

I’ve been seeing men’s skirts lately, and I think they’re fabulous! I’m not talking about drag (although I do tend to see them mostly in the Village); these skirts seem to have been designed specifically for a male wearership. I’ve seen two models: a sarong, and a long narrow skirt that goes to the ankles. The latter tend to be in modest colours. I’d love to try one on and see how it looks on me. Anyone have any idea where I could get such an article, and whether it has a name (other than “men’s skirt”)?


Depending on where he tries to wear it, Strainger, he might very well be.

If he wears underwear with it, its a skirt. Otherwise, its a kilt.

(My daughter has requested I not wear my kilt to the Ren Faire this year. I seem to have embarassed her somehow last year. Wait until she’s a little older and I wear the black socks, sandals, and madras shorts…)

Since it was a “Ren” Faire, can I assume you were dressed as a Kilted Yaksman?

No, a kilt is knee-length and tartan. This is ankle-length and plain in colour.

My preference has always been to wear Daisy Dukes.

Whoops, my mistake. I meant that my preference has always been to wear Daisy Duke. Singular.

I like to think of myself as a progressive, hip sort of guy, Matt, but I’m afraid I can’t bring myself to approve of this fashion trend (even if Fishman does wear a frock in concert).

A man should wear pants, IMO.

notice that big didn’t say ‘THE pants’.He’s obviously married.

I prefer my man in levi’s, if you’d like a female opinion, but shrugs to each his own.

I did find this link for you that has men’s sarongs

A place that has men’s skirts


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I hear that sarongs are pretty damn comfortable (if i were indonesian i would probably have one). In hot muggy conditions they sure do beat jeans. One of the sites that sells them (i think it’s “Good Orient”) even shows you how to wear one.

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Don’t see why they would be comfortable in muggy weather. I wear pajamas in bed, because thigh-to-thigh (when both mine) is nothing but sweaty and uncomfortable.


I’ve seen men wearing sarongs recently, but I think only in pictures. **Personally[b/], I think it looks kinda cool, but then again, I’m considered to be a bit more than slightly offbeat when it comes to fashion (I prefer avant garde, or at the very least, unexpectedly creative.)

I don’t expect the men’s sarong to become an extraordinarily popular thing, and I’m damn certain that I’ll never see my husband wearing one, but I maintain that it does look kinda sexy. (I know, I know, Matt, you’re gay… such is my life…) :wink:

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What you seek is a lava-lava; the Samoan version of the polynesian sarong. Sarongs tend to be light and multi-colored, and are associated with Indonesia really.

Lava-lavas are usually worsted wool or cotton-poly blend, solid plain colors (navy blue, forest green, etc…) and have belt loops, pockets, linings, et al. depending on the quality.

Very comfortable in the heat, and considered proper formal wear in Eastern Polynesia.

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We must travel in different circles Matt. I was in Montreal last week and I didn’t see a single skirt wearing man. And quite frankly, I think I would have noticed it if I had seen one.

Thanks! I can now feel comfortable sashaying into my local schmatta district and demanding a lava-lava. Thanks.

Mike: I see about one sarong or lava-lava a night when I go out, especially at Unity Club.

Personally, I would rather wear a few Daisy Dukes.

Quick question–How does a man urinate in a skirt? I mean, historically is seems to me that the male/female–pants/skirt dichotomy developed because it is easier for a woman to wear a skirt and squat and a man to wear something with a fly so that he can, well, whip it out. I’ve no real problem with a man in a long skirt, but before you buy one you might want to consider how things would work at a public urinal (Obviousy a full blown drag queen can just use the women’s room with no one the wiser).

Well, that’s easy enough …