Mental health for the unemployed

Does anyone have any experience with obtaining some counseling in Orlando Florida for the destitute?

No, I’m fine but I have someone that isn’t and they litterally have no funds available. I can give them some money but I can’t afford to finance a possible months (years?) long commitment to counseling.

Thanks in advance, and just to be sure I’m looking for free (or low cost) counseling, not medical advice.

There’s a DBSA (Depression and Bipolar support Alliance) group in Orlando.
They should know how such things are done down there.
contact info here:

I wish you the best of luck. I was once in that situation and it can take months to get through all the red tape. But it’s worth it if you really need the help. It pulled me through.

Usually mental health is structured at the county level, except in a few cases like Chicago, where Cook County Mental Health (which has excellent sliding fee scales) is seperate from Chicago Mental Health.

Go to the Orange County Site and look at the top there is a drop down box marked “Quick Link” look at Health and Family Service or Health Services and go from there.

If you need other services, I found the Salvation Army is excellent for resources and programs. Now they do have a religious tone to them, so some people find that a put off, but I’ve seen them pretty much work miracles on some people.

So if the county doesn’t work out, try them, in Chicago I know they will provide numbers to other groups if you don’t like their religious aspects.