Spanish-speaking therapist/social worker in southern Indiana?

Without divulging too much confidential information, I am looking for a Spanish-speaking source of psychological counseling at low or no cost in southern Indiana for a woman and her young son who have suffered severe domestic abuse. Without calling every Spanish-speaking person I can find on the Internet (because I’d have to charge for that and the clients have no income), does anyone have guidance on where I should start looking?

I imagine the best places to look would be Indianapolis (because it’s the nearest big city), and Bloomington (because of the university). Any other thoughts? If you know of specific nonprofits that do this kind of work, that would be awesome.

Yours in solidarity with the Huddled Masses,
Eva Luna

The magazine PsychologyToday has a database you can search. You can also look up local hospitals, which sometimes have mental health clinics in addition to regular medical clinics.

Local chapter of NAMI might be able to help? Likewise if there’s an active United Way agency they often have partnerships with counseling services. A women’s shelter might have referrals they can pass along.