Menu help needed for multiple food intolerances

Help me! I’ll be doing some cooking for a young woman with digestive problems and food intolerances. Darn near everything I’m used to working with is on the “feed her this and we’ll all be sorry” list!

Here’s the no list: Dairy (no milk, cheese, butter, etc.) Chicken, Hot Dogs, Bratwurst (sob), Tomato. No spicy food (I’m not sure how not-spicy things need to be). If tomato is out I assume green pepper is as well. I think she’s probably gluten intolerant as well, but so far none of the care givers have said to stay away from wheat. But I’m going to try to avoid it.

I make a really good pot roast, but we can’t be eating that every day!

So, that leaves rice and potatoes, beef, pork, and fish, and most vegetables. Maybe seafood, but I have to keep it cheap. Also, this is an 18 year old, she may not be into linguini(sp?) with white clam sauce, ya know?

So, anybody have some recipes that don’t have any of the above stuff in them? How about some non-dairy, non-tomato, non-spicy sauces (that are actually good?) Mild stir-fry recipes? Something fun with potatoes?

What’s your budget? Will you be doing this cooking ahead of time (to refigerate or freeze and serve later), or eating it immediately? Are you open to using pre-packaged foods?

This would be cook and eat. Freeze for later is fine too. I’ll be working at a mostly state funded group home and I think modern conveniences like pre-packaged food is frowned upon (cause they aren’t doing the cooking)

I’d still be interested in a source for that kind of thing. I don’t want this kid to have to eat boring food.

Lots of Chinese and other Asian cuisine recipes would fill the bill. They are usually dairy-free to begin with, and tend to use cornstarch for thickeners. Just leave out any peppers if you find that those are forbidden. Also if you are sure about the gluten intolerance, watch the soy sauce. Some brands are actually made with wheat extract. Stir fry consists really of picking out vegetables and (optional) meat that go well together and you like, then cooking quickly at high heat, starting first with things that need longer cooking.

Shepherd’s Pie (chopped meat & vegetables, like a pot pie but with mashed potatoes on top).

Shrimp, fish, other seafood broiled or fried, just “bread” as needed with corn meal instead of bread crumbs. Sprinkle mild paprika before broiling to add color.

Corned beef with the usual potatoes, cabbage, carrots.

Beef stew. Just don’t thicken with flour. Easy to make ahead and refrigerate or freeze individual portions.

Boneless pork loin – coat generously with garlic and ginger (not flour) and roast about 2 hours at 325.

Actually, just get a good cookbook like Fanny Farmer or Joy of Cooking and look at the tons of beef, pork, and fish recipes. Anything that suggests flour, substitute corn starch or arrowroot, or do without.

Are eggs o.k.? You can make nice lunch and dinner omelets as well as breakfast concoctions.

This is really a quite easy diet – try figuring out a meal for a gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant vegetarian like one of my best friends is. And she manages to put together very wonderful meals.

You might to buy a cookbook for people with multiple allergies. A good listing can be found on this page.