Any menu suggestions for group with lactose intolerance and acid reflux plus...

Don’t really like to eat vegetables.

I’m getting kind of stumped here. My boyfriend is going to visit some family. When he goes I like to make some food for them. Last time I made some breaded chicken tenders and sent a bag of fries. I also made a casserole with sliced potatoes and smoked sausage in a sort of German Dressing.

We’re going to do the chicken thing again. But I’m looking for other suggestions. All my standby meals like mac and cheese and lasagna won’t work.


Chicken and rice. Put a little garlic and rosemary under the skin of the chicken and roast. This is delicious and attractive done with a whole chicken, but can also be done with breasts or leg quarters according to taste/convenience. I like to add a little saffron and olive oil to the rice.

I’m thinking about it…

I’m lactose intolerant, but I can handle Velveeta. Can TVMan? Will he eat peppers or onions? Pepper steak is cheeseless. Chicken marsala is easy enough. It isn’t greasy or spicy.

Is pasta totally out or just those specific dishes?

Pasta is ok. But it can’t have a tomato sauce due to acidity. It also can’t have a milk based/creamy sauce.

Not sure about velveeta, but I’d say he probably wouldn’t eat it since he won’t eat cheeseburgers with american cheese.

Dang, you’ve just killed about 90% of my recipes!

thinks hard

Have you ever prepared anything a la romana? It works for white fish, squid and some veggies; the veggies can be eaten at room temperature, the squid just turns into rubber if it gets cold, the fish can be nuked for a few seconds or eaten at room temperature.

Prepare portions of the ingredients. For veggies it’s sliced or diced, for fish fillets or cod “wheels” it’s a similar size as for breading it. Salt lightly.
Put flour on a dish; whipped-up egg (like for an omelette, I can’t come up with the right word) in a second dish. Take each piece, cover it in flour completely but lightly, then flip-flop it in egg.
Fry them on a pan; the oil should be enough to actually fry, but not so much that the pieces try to swim.
Put it in a tupperware for travel.
I know you said they’re anti-greens, but I thought I’d give you the whole range of possibles. At home we call veggies done this way “vegetarian fish.”

My thoughts exactly.

Coq au vin

Seafood pasta with pesto instead of tomato/cream sauces

Parsley pesto roasted potatoes

Red meat kebabs, homemade hummus sans lemon and pita

Chicken fried rice

Stirfry and rice

Peanut noodles

they make pills that you can take before your meal for people who are lactose intolerant.

Umm… how about, pie?

Oh yeah, I had another thought. What about savoury coconut milk based dishes? Most of these will be South or Southeast Asian. Think penang curries and rice etc.

Are you sure it’s the tomato sauce and not the stuff that’s in it? I can’t eat onions at all, and garlic is pretty much out as well. I used to think it was the tomato sauce, but have since found some without onions and garlic, just not easy to do, and haven’t had any problems since. It’s been a royal pain in the ass to eat sometimes, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years.

Pasta with pesto could work. I don’t like veggies but basil is no problem.

Have you checked the Mumpers’ recipe blog? :wink:

I sometimes make Italian sausage & penne with a garlic butter/olive oil sauce. (Actually, I’m making it for dinner so it’s on my mind!) I put in bell peppers, but you don’t have to. It’s sort of like a sausage-n-pepper sandwich, but turned into a skillet dinner. Quick and easy and tasty.

Speaking of Mumpers’ recipes, what about Death Chicken?

Chicken & noodles, perhaps? Or beef & noodles? Both are easy, and don’t have to contain any dairy or vegetables.

If reflux is involved, I’d avoid anything that is fatty. Spare ribs etc would be out, as would anything chillied or with red peppers. (I’m talking personal experience here and I am aware it can differ in other folk).

Tomatoes are very acidic. That’s why you should never cook them in a cast-iron or non-anodized aluminum pan.

And I would suggest, at the very least, cluing the acid reflux crowd into Prilosec/Omeprazole. Fucking changed my life. One pill a day and I can eat whatever the fuck I want…save dairy (yeah, I’m lactose intolerant too…maybe I’m your boyfriend and I just don’t know it? :confused:) But a few Lactaid pills takes care of that just fine.

I’m on omeprazole but there are still certain things I can’t eat due to heartburn.