Mercury and young crescent moon

Tonight and tomorrow night will be a good time to try and see Mercury, if your weather cooperates. It will be near a very young (very soon after new moon) crescent moon in the western sky. Here in Pittsburgh, the moon will set at 5:59pm today, 6:59pm tomorrow, about one hour and two hours after sunset respectively. Look for the moon and Mercury in the western sky.

I’ve got this one marked in my calendar for this evening (Friday), although the weather has turned cloudy and wet here this morning, so we may be deprived of the view.

I would love to (the skies are even supposed to be clear) but with a windchill in the negative numbers, it ain’t gonna happen!

I didn’t get to see it last night. I was hoping I might, but there were clouds in the west as the sun was going down. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to see it tonight, either. Let us know if anyone does get to see it.

We were completely clouded out last night too. However, today (Saturday) is fine and clear, so perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse this evening.

It was cloudy again last night, but there were breaks. I got a good view of Mercury and the crescent moon at around 9.00pm.