Merry Christmas, everyone! Joyeux Noël tout le monde!

Just passed midnight here, so Merry Christmas everyone!

The Cub was bouncing off the walls and insisted on staying up late.

When Mrs Piper finally got him going up to bed she came across quite a debris field that he’d generated.

“Cub,” she said, “what about all this?”

“No time for chit-chat, Mom! Gotta get to bed so Santa will come!”

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Happy New Merry!

Happy Christmas Everyone.

Merry Dope Christmas

God bless us everyone!

I have the annual chocolate orange in hand. Merry Christmas!

Feliz Natal!

Merry Christmas everyone.

We’re driving down to see my mom this afternoon. Grilling some steaks and she’s fixing her sliced potatoes in foil. I asked her to make them again. A favorite from many years ago. She adds chopped onion, butter, lemon pepper to the foil packet and bakes them. Serve packet on the plate with a steak. They’re really good.

You’ll shoot your eye out!

Merry Christmas!

As swampbear would say, I was deheathenized this morning again. That makes three church services in under twenty four hours!

My family will have dinner this afternoon, I’m bringing garlic bread. One can’t have too much butter or too much garlic on that.

Sunday, January 3rd will be our church’s children’s Christmas pageant. Sometime we do Christmas pageant, sometime Epiphany, it depends on the day of the week Christmas Day and Epiphany fall on.

Merry merry merry merry!

Same to you, pal!