Merv Griffin DVD sets

My dad wants me to buy for him the DVDs of the Merv Griffin show. Does anyone know why the 3-disc set costs @ $27 while the 4-disc set costs @ $95? The description only says that the bonus disc includes interviews of Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, and Gene Autry. And that the whole set is a collector’s edition. That still just doesn’t make sense to me.

That is odd… some of the comments on Amazon imply that it is either rare or out or print or the dreaded collectors edition, so that may be the reason.

If your dad can wait, you might want to wait a few months and see if any tribute collections come out.

I’ve rented a few sets of TV talk shows and they were all disappointing, even at rental prices. You would never want to see them again, nor suggest anyone else see them. Some shows are remembered better than they really were.