message boards

are there any other message boards similar to the STMB?


There’s not even a STMB, how 'bout that…

sorry, im xidlesic.

This question has arisen before, but I’m not aware of anybody ever answering substantially in the affirtmative; there are message boards aplenty, even some quite good ones, but many other boards specialise in their content and I don’t think there’s anywhere quite like this place in terms of quality - much of which is a result of the way in which this board is set up and moderated.

For example, I’ve recently made a few posts on a board (which I won’t name) devoted to the creation/evolution debate; I was completely taken aback by the name-calling and general lack of proper, honest debate.

There’s the IMDB message boards it’s pretty busy and has lots of forums.

And what Mangetout said.

You know, I always wanted to see the complete opposite messageboard to the SD.

It could be called “SUDAMB” for the Straight Up Dumb Ass Message Board.

Could have all sorts of forums:

General Ignorance,
Insipid Debates,
In Jeff’s opinion (Jeff of course wouldn’t exist)
Pointless Junk
and the
Let’s call each other names place.