Metalic taste in my mouth?

So, I suddenly find myself with this odd metalic taste in one side of my mouth. Tastes like copper. Went to go brush my teeth after noticing this, and it seems that my gums are bleeding in one part of my mouth (where the taste is coming from).

Any ideas on what this could be? Am I slowly turning into a Tin Man like the one from Wizard of Oz? Should I invest in a can of WD-40 to carry with me?

You’re tasting your own blood. As to why your gums are bleeding, I have no idea. Hie thee to a dentist.

I get that, too, on the side of my mouth where I grind my teeth. I don’t think it’s blood - I’ve stuck white kleenexes in my mouth when it’s happening, hoping to find some telltale red stains, and I get nothing.

I’ve spoken to two different dentists about it, and they have no clue what it is. They tell me my teeth & gums look fine.

But the OP has both blood and a coppery taste in his mouth. He needs to see a health professional like a dentist, regardless of your experience.

Personal anecdote (not advice):

I experience a metallic taste now and then. For me, a healthy dose of regular flossing and mouthwash (daily for about a week) has gotten rid of it, at least until I start slacking off again.