Metalocalypse update, or Adult Swim is ams dildos

Apparently Adult Swim was just stringing fans along about the possibility of a real season finale for Metalocalypse…and based on this interview with Brendon Small, it’s pretty much impossible for him to even create so much as a Dethklok album now.


Well, he did say there would be some conclusion, he just can’t talk about it…

Skwisgaar and Pickles go on to form a Christian Rock group. Murderface gets an acting gig on Law & Order: SVU. Nathan now writes jingles for commercials and Toki is a semi-professional tennis player.

Aw…but how can we begrudge them their desire to make their own original, quality programming?

Do we really want to live in a world without Tim and Eric spinoffs? Or FishCenter?

When did the American Math Society start making dildos?

They should take the money they would have given Tim and Eric and just film it being burned. I would much rather watch that than one of their shows.

I won’t begrudge their stoner programing – heck, I even got a chuckle out of a Tim and Eric show one time during channel surfing – but surely they could trim a few episodes of Family Guy to make room for a finale.

Yeah. :frowning: I guess we’ll know the ending eventually. And I am looking forward to the new Galaktikon album.

Oh, and don’t forget Charles, who eventually tires of the high priest gig and becomes manager of a guitar store.

:smiley: They certainly have enough interesting shapes to work with.

Galaktikon was dildos. Like, nearly unlistenable dildos.

But what Adult Swim is doing re: Dethklok and Metalocalypse is a cryin’ shame. At least release Doomstar for home video yous dildos.

Aww, even “Dangertits”?


Aye, even Dangertits. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s as close to the Dethklok sound as it gets on this album, but even there his tone is too clean. [Here’s what I wrote on All Music:


I covered him in the edit comment. :wink:

I will say that it’s an album I can have on in the background while I’m at work without worrying about it being a distraction…so I can absolutely see where you’re coming from there.

I missed that! :smiley: That’s actually intriguing…

There are things that are more important to a tv channel than just making money.

  • One is taking a stand on intellectual property. Adult Swim is reminding us that all the fanship and money in the world doesn’t mean shit up against their legal right to kill a franchise. You never know what the changing IP world will throw your way; best to assert one’s rights wherever, whenever, for any reason or none.

  • Another (as Small himself pointed out) is novelty. Tv requires new product more than it does good product. One reason is highly paid program development people, who need to keep on justifying being highly paid. Another reason is aging. Younger viewers may join a long-running series in progress, but it’s never going to attract huge swarms of them and be the hot new thing all over again. And younger viewers are undiscriminating and herd-motivated enough to be the backbone of all tv ad buying. They need to be encouraged to flit from this to that to the other, in programming as in consumer goods. Everyone’s numbers depend on it.

I think it still surprises me that they asserted their rights in such an asshattish manner. In any case, it’s a good lesson about intellectual property.

Speaking of programming, I flipped through the current Adult Swim schedule…most of which consists of Family Guy reruns. Is the show still that popular, or is it just an economical space filler? Based on chatter I see on this board and elsewhere online, I would think that Rick and Morty is their super-hot show at the moment, yet it’s only on the schedule one day per week. Do they figure (probably correctly) that the main audience of that show is more likely to stream it than to wait for it to pop up on a schedule?