Miami Vice vs Scarface

Crockett and Tubbs have to take down Tony Montana.

Who would win?

"Say hello to mah leel fren!!!"


Tony, by a long shot. He’s got the money, da powr, and da girls. You little’ cockroach.

How coked up is Tony?

Crockett takes a blow to the head, turns into “Burnett” again, and takes over Tony’s operation from the inside. After a psychological crisis over a lack of quality hair gel, he remembers who he is and reports back to the unit. Tubbs may get knocked off along the way, but noboby really cares.

Why not just put Thumper up against Hannibal Lector?

Or Dopey against Jason Voorhies?


How about the 1932 Scarface (Paul Muni) vs. the 1983 Scarface (Al Pacino)? Any bets there?