Michael Cohen’s Book; Disloyal

The introduction is available now. I will buy & read the whole thing when it becomes available for Kindle.

It promises a lot, including golden showers. What do you think?

I think it will tell us what we already know. But might buy it on Kindle. Cohen surely did many bad things, but I sort of feel sorry for him.

I’m betting all the really salacious stuff will be all over the Twitter and Facebook and the this and the that, so I will revel in Trump’s squirming, but Cohen isn’t getting any of my money.

I only buy problematic books like this used. Allows me to read it without giving the scumbag involved a nickel.

The library is even better yet, but I don’t pre-request it because I’d really rather my library buy a minimal number of copies.

I go to Goodreads and check out the quotes other readers have posted.

Good point-out. That’s quicker than waiting for Cliff Notes.

ms maddow read the introduction on her show last night. i’m sure that other news outlets will read out the more interesting bits on air and in reviews.

I don’t plan on buying it. if it appears in a swap and read mini library or yard sale bin I may pick it up.

I am on the fence with this one. cohen has talked to congress, investigators, and prosecutors; and he could use the money to help with his legal bills…but I don’t want to give money to anyone who benefited from being a trump enabler. cohen was a huge enabler.

The only Trump book I’ve bought was the Woodward one and I had some Amazon credit to help with the cost. Woodward’s books are of uneven quality but he’s not a political hack looking for a quick buck.

Maybe I’ll grab this one at a used book store in a few months along with some of the others. But is there really gonna be much new? Trump is an awful human, we all know that.

I’m really not interested. Liar v. liar really not of interest. And even if didn’t believe any of it, I will still vote for Biden.

Sounds like Bolton’s memoir, except in much more colorful and interesting language. I may get it on Kindle.

This joins the line of Trump books that may be worth purchasing used in two months time, if at all. What shocking news about Trump really remains to be exposed? And who would be so surprised?

The problem with anti-trump books is that the people who’ll read them don’t need to and the people who need to won’t read them.


Rachel was fabulous last night! If the book comes out in audio, I’d love for her to be the one to narrate it. I believe a portion of the profits will go to charity, as per the order site.
Cohen knows about crimes Trump has committed that others are afraid to speak of. I find it fascinating.

Just by the way, I find Mary Trump’s book hard going. The information is interesting, but it is a bit of a tough read.

When is the book to be released? I’m hoping late October. I want it to have the same effect as Comey’s last-minute reopening if the silly email scandal.

I think it’s set for release on September 8th.

Well over half the votes will have been cast by then. The idea that the election happens on a particular day in November is getting sillier every cycle.

Bought it tonight and been reading it…I like the part where Cohen named the presidential airplane Hair Force One due to the hair treatment Trump needed.

Here’s my favorite part so far, FWIW

“Let’s make it a proverbial circus,” I told the group. “Hey, Boss, what about people on stilts, a few fire breathers, and some elephants?”
Trump looked at me quizzically, trying to decide if I was serious, as I laughed. “Could you imagine if an elephant dropped a load on your marble floor?” I said.
Lewandowski hated the back and forth. He was a newcomer and an outsider and he resented the joking around. “No elephants,” he yelled. “No circus. This is a presidential campaign launch.”
“Take it easy, tough guy,” I told him. “It’s a fucking joke. But if we do bring in elephants, and one takes a dump, it’s your job to clean it up.”