Idea for a book--please steal

I get book ideas sometimes that are beyond my expertise or would require too much work, but that I wish someone would steal. My latest is to write a book purportedly authored by an intelligent GOP operative to other intelligent Republicans explaining precisely their new electoral thinking. Simply it would say that, as a White Christian American (often dubbed a “white supremacist”), he realizes that their day has come and gone, demographically speaking. This was a country controlled by white men for a long time, but they no longer have the control they did. So now they must control the country by means other than electoral politics if they want to continue to hold power. This means invalidating the votes of non-white, non-Christian (etc.) people by denigrating their legitimacy. Gerrymandering, abusing the filibuster, sure, but mainly calling ALL elections into question where the GOP candidate lost. Trump’s premise–that he won the last election, and by a lot–must be applied across the board, and all the unsophisticated white supremacists who supported him must be constantly enraged over this premise, agitated into rioting, committing crimes, fighting the police, whatever is needed to continue the power of white men over the non-white, non-male, non-Christian, non-immigrant, etc. horde.

The tone of this manual is calm, and it assumes that its ostensible reader is quite aware that Trump is bullshit, that his supporters are overwhelmingly racist morons, that the GOP is simply stuck at 45% or less in all forthcoming elections, as it explains how this electoral scam can be effectively pulled off for the next thirty or forty years.

The real readers, of course, and the real tone of the book is to expose the scam as a scam, so I think it would be bought mainly by the woke, with a few copies being (naively) bought by its ostensible audience.

I’d write it myself, but I’m really not the best author for this work. If the right tone could be set, though, I’d be an eager reader of this piece of satire.

“The Screw You Letters”?

To me this has strong overtones of self-congratulatory Bond villain explainering, so perhaps you could do it as a monologue for some guy with a duelling scar stroking a cat? Maybe he’s preparing it as a ‘Play this after I die’ auto-eulogy vlog.

The most well-known and, sadly still believed by some, fake ‘reveal’ of the inner workings of how we obtain power was the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, so you’d want to be careful that while your parody was intended to reveal the truth it can’t be mistaken as authentic by people who have enough difficulties distinguishing reality in their world.

Report from Irony Mountain.

Tribesmen of Gorsuch.