Michael Jackson and Kevin Smith...What coulda been...


This is just plain wacky. I had to check today’s date to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

Well, Smith did hook up with Prince once. Prince wanted him to direct a movie to be filmed at his own studio in Minneapolis, but there was no script, no ideas, no nothing for Smith to work with. Prince just basically wanted a documentary about himself that no one else will get to see except Prince.

but it was nothing like him turning into a car so a boy could “ride” him.

Just curious, but does anybody know who had the original idea for this movie? If it was a third party that came up with it (with multiple options on who to play the Jackson Car part), I guess it’s just an odd idea. If Michael himself came up with it, that kind of creeps me out. Was this movie some dream project of Michael’s, so he could get off watching boys ride him like a car?