Kevin Smith Q&A in Red Bank, NJ for his 37th Birthday

My wife and I went last. Kevin Smith was hilarious. We only stayed for the first five hours. If you ever get a chance, and don’t mind blue comedy, either go to one of his Q&A’s or rent “An evening with Kevin Smith”. He is better than almost any comic is today.

He takes questions and mostly gives long, humorous, rambling answers. Along the way, he hits on almost any subject. It does help to know and like his films, but I would say it was not vital. Just don’t be offended by the raunchy language and subjects that come up.

He talked about filming Clerks II, delving into the now clean Jason Mewes and how they found the empty Burger King to turn into Moobies for a month. He talked about how Mewes was thinking about moving into the Day’s Inn they stayed at. A strange visit to Targets and much else. He talked about “Tim Oliphantastic”. He covered a little about the Ben and J Lo break up, including the fact that he thinks she ending up wiping with one of Kevin’s hand towels as the TP was missing. Long story, but then most of them were.

He gave a “tour de farce” account of his one day of filming on Live Free or Die Hard, that turned into a week and had him rewriting the entire Warlock scene. He just about worships Bruce by the way, despite thinking he would be very difficult to direct. Apparently, Bruce will give a directors & crew ulcers while still being everyone’s best friend. Only for Jersey people, but apparently Smith and Willis bonded over Tasty Cakes and Pork Roll sandwiches.

This started at about 11am. My kids were at my sisters, so at 11:11 I turned to my wife and whispered, “we better book as soon as this story is done.”

We left promptly at 12:08 when he finished. I owe my sister bigtime. :wink:

They were filming the entire Q&A. The sound guys thought Smith would go about 8 hours last night. So, I have no idea what the last 3 hours had in them. I plan to buy the DVD as soon as ViewAskew releases it.


He is a wonderful raconteur. I don’t really know his films at all, but An Evening with Kevin Smith had me in stitches.

Agreed. He’s one mighty entertaining storyteller. Unfortunately, he’s only a decent screenwriter and a godawful director. He should stick to his strengths, maybe even try a one-man show if he wants something more scripted than a Q&A session.

I think Kevin Smith is hysterically funny. I caught “An evening with Kevin Smith” on cable a couple of years ago, and I like most of his movies, particularly both *Clerks *and Chasing Amy.

I used to read his online diary, but I haven’t in a while. How did he look? Did he ever lose all that weight he was trying to lose?

I like most of his movies. I enjoy the dialog. I think both Clerks movies, Mallrats and Dogma and even “Jay & Silent Bob”* were very good comedies on the strength of his writing. Even he will agree that he is not a good director, however, I think his writing is topnotch. There is a realism to his dialog that is very refreshing.


  • Yes, I will admit, this movie is only funny for those that are already fans of his.

He is now balding and has failed to lose the weight. In fact, he found a few pounds from last year. Last year we appeared to be the same weight. I am now 20 lighter an he appears to be 10-20 heavier.

I love Kevin Smith but I don’t think I could sit through 8 hours of anyone talking, or even 5.

Like a total porker. Saw him at Comic-Con this year. Looks like he gained about 15 lbs. over the last time we saw him. If he doesn’t lay off the Twinkies he’s just asking for a heart attack before he’s 40.

Still funnier than shit, of course.

You might be surprised, my wife did not think there was anyway she could stay awake that long. We both regretted having to leave. I am a geek and fan of his. My wife is neither and she was entertained throughout. She laughed as much as I did and she laughed more than I have heard her laugh at a comic for years.

Not Twinkies*, apartly Tasticake Butterscotch Crumpets.

Did you go to one of his Q&As or did he give a short Q&A at Comic-Con?


  • Ok, Twinkies too

Oh I envy you for seeing one of his Q & A’s. I have both Evenings with Kevin Smith and I would love to attend one someday.

Having never seen either of these, which should I start with? Are they both worth a rental?

They are pretty much the same. Its Kevin standing on a stage and people are allowed to ask him any questions they want and he answers them usually with a funny story.

The first one is him at several different colleges and they edit all the good stuff from the different colleges into about 2 hrs.

The second one is a two disc set. One disk is of him in London at one theater and his mom is there and makes for some more fun as they talk about giving head and him and his wife having sex when their daughter walks in and just watches them for a bit before they figure out she is there. The other disk is of him in Toronto. I haven’t watch that disk yet.

You’ll get more bang for your buck if you rent the second set because it is 2 disks that are each about 2 hrs.

They are both worth renting though.

People ask him about his movies, what movies he likes, his wife being in playboy, and pretty much just random stuff. Nothing is off topic. You can really tell he enjoys doing the Q&A’s.

I agree with Tahssa, you can’t go wrong with either one though.
One nitpick, the first one was 224 minutes long on two DVD. So I am not sure about why **Tahssa ** thought it was only 2 hours.

On the first set is a killer story about his working with Prince, How he met his wife and at least one segment with Jason Mewes on stage for a while.

The second one is 239 minutes.

BTW: NetFlix carries them.


:smack: Oops. My bad. I bought it when it first came out and watched it right away but I haven’t watched it since. I have no idea why I thought it was only 2 hrs. You may now color me stupid. ( Something in a green would be nice.)

I was just coming in to mention this. I have never looked at Prince the same way again. Or large mechanical spiders.

Not stupid, just a mistake. I went to the IMDB, to make sure I wasn’t getting confused. Happens to me all the time.

It sounds like the one I saw part of last night will become the 3rd Evening with Kevin Smith (now in HD).

Something for us both to look forward to.

I wouldn’t mind testing my stamina. I think if I dragged my wife there it might mean divorce.

Okay, I remember the Prince story (“Prince has been living in Prince World for quite some time now”) but I don’t remember anything about mechanical spiders. Is that from the first set?

It was a crazy idea he pitched (mostly as a joke) and then he suddenly saw it in a movie that had people directing or writing that were there for his pitch. It had nothing to do with Prince, well not that Prince at least. Think the Fresh Prince instead in the Wild Wild West.


Oh man, I would love to go to one of these. Where in Red Bank was it?

The Count Basie on Monmouth Street. Check to see when he doing some more. If you visit Red Bank, remember, his Comic book store in on Broad St. It has many props from his movies, especially the Buddy Jesus.

He was born in Red Bank at Riverview and grew up in the Highlands of course.