Kevin Smith Q&A in Red Bank, NJ for his 37th Birthday

He was part (the main part) of a panel on “Reaper,” a new series on the CW that he directed the first episode of. Some Q & A, then the people from the show. Looks like it ought to be interesting.

For me, this was the lamest part of the show. I know that Prince lives in Princeworld and I am not a fan, don’t work in The Industry, or was interested in working with him. The second he started the story, I knew it was going to end with:

The footage hits the vault and never leaves.

How can anyone not know this?

(Similarly, on his blog about a year ago he told a story of when he visited a strip club a few times. Dude, strippers fake stuff to get money from men. Funny but clueless.)

I never thought of Prince as a religious nut before. I thought the story was hilarious. I don’t know how I did not know it was coming. I just didn’t.

And the spider? Two separate stories. I didn’t make that clear.

Not necessarily true. A friend of mine had never seen any of Smith’s movies or even heard of him when he went to see Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and he loved it.

Duh, but that’s not the point. As with any amusing story, part of the fun is getting there. “The boy’s department”? A camel? Wired for sound? Priceless. It’s not all about punchlines, you know.

That’s good to know, I thought that was a film that only a fan would enjoy with all the references to prior movies and cameos.


That sounds cool. Reaper looks really good, extremely funny. The CW website has several clips and they all look really good.

Specifically, he pitched an idea for a superhero movie (Superman? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this.) and Jon Peters the producer was there. Peters asked Smith if they could somehow have the superhero (I’m almost certain it’s Superman) fight a giant spider in the third reel of the film. Smith says something to the effect of ,“No, that would be stupid.”

Fast forward a couple of years, and Smith and his family are watching the movie Wild Wild West (Will Smith and Kevin Kline). In the third reel, the bad guy is roaming through the west on a giant spider. That movie was produced by, of course, Jon Peters.

I rented it just the other night. Actually, the idea came from the producer Jon Peters (Barbara Streisand’s erstwhile hair dresser), who wanted to make the Superman movie where Superman doesn’t fly or wear the Superman suit.

Spiders are, of course, the most fierce killers in the insect kingdom, polar bears being the most fierce killers in the animal kingdom.

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I take it, from the tone of most posters here, that you all regularly listen to SModcast, Smith’s podcast with his producer Scott Mosier (and assorted others filling in now and then). If not, I strongly recomend it. The shows are always funny, like the personal appearances mentioned above. It’s become indispensable listening for me.