Michael Jackson: Declaration of J. Chandler?

What I’m talking about is this affidavit that was from the 1993 case against Michael Jaskson, when all of the talk about him doing things to children began. As we all know, they settled out of court for what I believe ended up being about 25 million dollars, and then that was the end of this. Do you feel that any of this is true, especially after the Michael Jackson program that was no ABC recently? Anyhow, here is the link…

Decraration of J. Chandler

…so read it, if you’ve never read it before, and speak on it. It’s truly disgusting, true, or not. I don’t know what to think about all of this, but I will say this. If it’s true, and it could very well be, then the man does not belong being in society, no more than any other person who would do that to kids, period.

the law office phone number is on that paper on the side of it,why don’t you give them a call & ask them? Would like to know what they say.

What I meant is for you to ask them if that document is the real thing or not.

Michael Jackson is nuts. I already knew that, but what bothers me even more is that it sounds like the mother knew what was going on. She let them sleep in the same bed? WTF!?

Handy, I wouldn’t think that would be necessary. The Smoking Gun is, far as I’m aware, a reliable source. I don’t doubt the document is real.

Legally, however, it means nothing. All it is is the initial accusation made against MJ but since it never went to court, we don’t know whether it’s true or not. Maybe it’s true or maybe the kid made it all up in order to screw money out of MJ. Who knows?

However when you put that document together with his admission in the recent documentary that he likes sleeping in the same bed as kids, well I won’t be letting my kids anywhere near him (and I haven’t actually even got any kids but you catch my drift).

What I don’t understand is: MJ is saying that sleeping in the same bed as a kid is the most loving thing you can do. Huh? When I was a kid I don’t recall ever having the slightest desire to sleep in the same bed as an adult (or anyone else). And now I’m an adult, I don’t have the slightest desire to sleep in the same bed as a kid.

In any case, I think a mod may want to close this thread. The document cited above may well be true but, legally, it’s meaningless and some of the comments people may make in this thread could expose the Reader to charges of libel.

I quite agree.

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