Jacko's lawyer discovers the meaning of irony

I know there’s a hugenormous pit thread on Michael, but I’m not opening this thread to argue for or against the verdict. I just wanted to point out a headline today that struck me as ironically amusing. Coming after “Michael Jackson found Not Guilty on all counts”, we have this:

Pop Star Won’t Share Bed With Boys, Says Lawyer

First paragraph:

no longer… heh.

Alanis Morisette, please take note.


Yeah that is kind of strange.

He opnely admitted to sleeping with unrelated, little boys on a documentary released well before this trial. He stated he found nothing wrong or strange about it.

This documentary was released in between this recent trial and the 1993 20 million dollar settlement.

My favorite quote of the whole Jackson trial was on the radio this morning, from one of the fans outside of Neverland. I don’t even think this guy was aware of the irony of what he was saying.

Yeah, but the timing is funny. From the article, his lawyer said, ‘‘He’s not going to do that anymore,’’ attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. told NBC’s ‘‘Today.’’ ‘‘He’s not going to make himself vulnerable to this anymore.’’ It’s like in MJ’s world, those out-of-court settlements for millions of dollars were fine and dandy, but the whole trial deal - for one thing, they expected him to show up on time, can you imagine? - was just such a bummer that he decided to find another way to show “love” to little boys.

oh, absolutely. trust me. I am not an apologist for MJ.

Headline in the Journal de Montréal today: MICHAEL JACKSON BLANCHI.

It means “Michael Jackson cleared,” but “blanchi” literally means “whitened.”

That had to have been on purpose.

I passed a row of newspaper stands this morning, and the headlines were all, “Jackson Acquitted,” “Jackson Free,” “Trial Over”… nobody actually said he was innocent

Appropriate since MJ’s proclivities have been whitewashed.

I just don’t think that’s what he was saying.

The Los Angeles Daily News said “HE BEAT IT!”

Oh, I know… I just found the timing of these two headlines kind of amusing.

But then, maybe I’m just easily amused… :wink: