Michelle Shocked Live!

My wife is a HUGE Michelle Shocked fan, so when I heard she was a’comin’ to our little town, I got tickets PRONTO! Now, when I bought them, I figured I was getting assigned seats, but this was a brand-new venue and I had never been there. I got the tickets on-line and didn’t see them till we got to the show last night. Well, we show up, claim our tickets and head down the hall to the room. Turns out this place is about as big as my garage. The usher tells us our tickets are for general admission and we can try to find a seat or we can stand by the stage. Humm, we can stand by the stage? Well, then! We walked right up to the front of the stage, and parked ourselves directly in front of her mike!
The band comes out, then Michelle comes out, picks up her guitar and starts the show. My wife and I are 3 feet from her!

She played all our favorites and a bunch of new stuff from her new album and it was fantastic! During a lull in the action when she asked for members of the audience to come up on stage and fill in on mandolene (she got 2 players, and they did great), I was able to get her attention and ask her if I could have her guitar pick. She smiled and handed it over. Also got to shake her hand later on. After the show we got her to autograph my wife’s CD inserts for 3 of her albums.

It was a super show by a great performer. My wife and I had a wonderful time. It was our first time out alone since the birth of our son. Grandma did a bang-up job babysitting!

Thanks for the fantastic night out, Michelle!

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“Just a barb-wire fence between us!” :smiley:

I love Michelle Shocked’s music! I like Texas Campfire Tapes and sometimes I play The Ballad of Patcheye and Meg on my guitar. In my mind, the quintessential MS album is Short Sharp Shocked with Memories of East Texas (which I’m also fond of playing), Anchorage, The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore, and of course When I grow Up.

Arkansas Traveller is also a wonderful album. Although I like Jump Jim Crow, you actually have to listen to the lyrics to know it’s not a racist song. Tarbaby, Tarbaby, tell me true / Who is really the jigaboo? sounds horrid unless you realize that it’s an indictment of those Whites who would take on aspects of Black culture, while at the same time not understanding the Black experience. Since a passer-by would not be listening to the lyrics, I’m a little uncomfortable playing it any place except for my car. (BTW: Michelle Shocked explains this album in the liner notes and refers to “small minded people who don’t understand” or something to that effect.) Be that as it may, Arkansas Traveller is a wonderful album of outstanding songs.

Captain Swing is one album I just can’t seem to get into. It sounds more experimental than her earlier work; and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not something that I often pull out to listen to.

I haven’t heard Deep Natural, but I look forward to hearing it. I’ve been thinking more about Michelle Shocked since I picked went to a local bar last month to hear a folksinger. She reminded me of MS, and I picked up a CD she was selling.

a motorhead and a michelle shocked fan! you’re alright in my book, Johnny!

next time i’m down south, we go have a beer!

She was in Boulder earlier this week, and Mr. Athena and I went to see her. I have the same kudos you do - it was an amazing show, as always (this is the third time I’ve seen her live). I’m guessing she’s not rolling in money, as the venue we saw her in was the same as yours - tiny place, no seats.

What do you think of the CD? I like it, but the production quality seems a bit off in places. At least two of the songs have very muddy lyrics. Did I just get a bad copy, or is yours like this as well?

I love Short Sharp Shocked and like Captain Swing a lot, but never could get into Arkansas Traveler. And after that I lost touch with Michelle, which is a shame, because - as I said - I love Short Sharp Shocked. That’s a great album from start to finish.

Athena- i haven’t had time to listen to the CD much. the wife has played it a few times while i have been at work, but with the baby, who knows how much attention she could really give it. i’ll grab it from her this weekend and give it a close listen.

by the way- she has a real beautiful set of teeth! clean, white and no fillings i could see! (thats how close we were!)

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Wow, I really envy you… I don’t think she’ll come touring Germany any time soon :frowning: Nobody seems to know her over here, the only song that ever gets any airplay is “Anchorage”.

I bought “Short sharp shocked” after the cover got my attention (for non-owners: it’s a photo of Michelle getting arrested in a very brutal way at a protest march) when I was 16 or 17. I really liked the music, voice and lyrics and subsequently bought “The Texas Campfire Tapes” as well as “Captain Swing” and “Arkansas Traveler”.

I did not like “Arkansas Traveler” as much as the other albums and also did not enjoy the following “Kind hearted woman” as much (but bought it anyway). However, I really like her voice and her lyrics, so even if I don’t like the song itself I still enjoy listening to her.

i’m a pretty lucky, guy really!

i had never heard of her till i met my wife. she was on to her from the early days in england. she had all her music and i kinda got hooked. my wife really enjoyed the show probably more than i did, but i gotta tell ya that they had sam adams for a reasonable price and i wasn’t driving, so i had a pretty damn good time! :smiley:

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NPR had an interview with Michelle Shocked this morning. Sounds like I’ll have to go buy her latest CD.

Incidentally, a few years ago one of the local NPR stations, KCRW in Santa Monica, was having a pledge drive. KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour was giving away the “Ruth Pack” of CDs, including one from Michelle Shocked. All day long I listened to Ruth Seymour pronounce Michelle Shocked’s “surname” as “Shock-Ed”. When I got home that evening I called the station and pleaded with the volunteer to make her stop. The next time Ruth Seymour came on the air her plea included “And also a CD from Michelle… Shocked.”, with a pause before correctly pronouncing her name.

Just picked up the latest CD. I was only able to listen to it as background music because I was at work. I’ll try to give it a good listen soon.

BTW: Has anyone noticed how cute Michelle Shocked is?