Micropython Windows 10 compatibility issue

So, I finally abandoned VB6 for utility programs and moved to Python. Actually Micropython because it supports the Pyboard that has everything for hardware applications and executes Python code.

The Pyboard USB connects to the PC and should appear in the Explorer memory map. But, it doesn’t. Windows 10 does not detect the presence of the board. Anybody familiar with this?

This utility

should display whether the device is detected

Thanks - USBDeview does not detect the Pyboard.

In that case, you should test it with a different computer to see if the problem is with the board, or with your computer.

ETA also booting into Linux using a USB key, and then plugging in the dev board, can distinguish whether it is not detected at all, or whether it is a problem only under Windows. But really it is supposed to show up as a USB storage device regardless of the operating system.

I’ll try that.

I did test all of the USB sockets with other USB devices and USBDevice correctly identified them all. But, it doesn’t see the Pyboard.

Check your cable, too. Many devices are sensitive to marginal cables.