Microsoft Hearts

I’m going for the mundane and pointless award of the day, but I got a zero score in hearts and probably never will again. pic
Had to shoot the moon at the end.
Why no, I’m not that busy today at work.

Huh…two threads about Hearts in three days. Who’da thunk it?

And congrats, Folly!

Well, who can stay away from such a fascinating subject?

I always try to shoot the moon because they are too stupid to ever try and stop me.

Once I won in the minimum number of hands, because I got it every time and ended up with zero.

I love hearts.

Way to Go, Folly!

Those three players against you might not be at their best, though - because they’ve been playing a lot, you know. I know for a fact that they are trying to play games against HUNDREDS of us at the same time!

My brother swears that Ben cheats.

Naa, Ben is ok. If I every run into Pauline, though, my “don’t hit a lady” policy will go right out the effing window.

I do not!

Waiting for the 60 second timer… I’ve never collected a zero in hearts. I’ll let you know if I ever claim a single-digit score.