Microsoft Office Picture Manager

For my purposes (casual browsing of photographs, but little in the way of editing), I really quite like Microsoft Office Picture Editor. The program came bundled in the preloaded software on my home computers but, alas, it did not come with my work computer (which I actually use quite a lot). So, I would like to add it to my computer at work.

I’ve searched for information on where I might be able to get a copy of Microsoft Office Picture Manager and came up empty-handed. On the Microsoft site itself, all there are various “help and how to” files concerning its use but not a word as to how to acquire it.

Anybody have any ideas where I can get a copy? I’m willing to pay (within reason). A downloadable version would be ideal.

Thanks in advance!

(btw, just to be clear, I’m NOT looking for The Windows Picture and Fax Viewer)

I think that’s usually bundled with Microsoft Office, so if you have the original discs, you could pop 'em in and select that as an additional component.

You can also just copy it from your home computer… for Office 2007, it’s located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OIS.exe. Not sure about the past versions.

Excellent. I’ve located the equivalent for 2003 and Office 11. Once I’ve copied them and it’s time to install them, do you know where I should put them in my office computer? I assume in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11 but would appreciate it if you thought that may be just a tad too simple. Thanks!

I don’t think you can just copy the files (OIS.EXE, OIS.PIP, OISAPP.DLL, oisctrl.dll, and OISGRAPH.DLL), it has to be installed through Office Add/Remove Features. Do you have Office installed on your work computer? If so, what version?

You may want to give Google’s free Picasa a look-see.


I have Office 2000 at work and 2003 at home. Do you suppose the Picture Manager that came with the 2003 Office would work with a 2000 Office. If by some chance the answer is ‘yes’, will I be able to use the Add/Remove program on my work computer to install into that computer the copied files? (i.e. I copied the Picture Manager files from my home machine onto a CD which I’m planning on taking to work tomorrow).

Any advice/help/suggestions you have are more than welcomed. Thanks.

It’s doubtful that any application absolutely CAN’T be transferred to another computer; it’s usually just an effort of how much effort would be required.

At work tomorrow, try copying it over from the CD and what happens. yoyodyne’s suggestion of copying more than just that one .exe is probably a good one and those might be enough. If not, the next step may be to copy what are called “registry entries” from your home computer to the new one.

Basically, the reason Office’s own Add/Remover installer was recommended is that it automates that entire process. You can manually do all the things that the installer does, but it’ll take a LOT more time. You sure you can’t borrow an Office 2000 CD from a co-worker or something?

And yes, the 2003 Picture Manager should work, but the hard part is finding the right files and registry entries to copy over…

I think you’ll need to do a custom install from an Office 2003 CD and select only Picture Manager for installation in order to get it to work.