MS-Word question

I’m a novice using Microsoft Word 2002. I have been sent a document in which several photos are embedded. I’d like to extract copies of these into .JPG files (their original form before they were put into this document).

I assumed this would be easy, but haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. I rummaged around in Help, but haven’t turned up anything useful. My thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

I have an earlier version of Word, but I assume this would work:

Right click on the picture. Somewhere in the context menu should be an option to copy the picture to the clipboard. Copy it and then paste it into the folder of your choosing. It should save just the file on its own.

Um, I don’t have 2002, but in earlier versions, you can just click on the picture (thus selecting it; you will then see the little editing squares on all sides). Then right-click the picture, and the pop-up menu will give you the option of “copy”-ing the picture (to your clipboard).

Now go to any picture-editing software and paste the picture into an empty page, and save it.

You can copy the images, paste them into separate slides in PowerPoint 2002, and export each slide as a JPEG from PPT. Once you have the images pasted into separate slides in PPT, goto File | Save As, and choose JPEG from the “Save as Type” dropdown.

You can also export from PowerPoint as a GIF, PNG, TIFF, WMF, EMF, and DIB.

Thanks for the help.

I tried JJ’s suggestion, but found that I wasn’t offered the option of Pasting the copies image into a folder. (PASTE is greyed out.) Don’t know how to get around this.

Nametag’s suggestion is what I tried before posting this question. What I got (in PaintShopPro) was an image whose colors were strange (less resolution, it seems).

Dooku’s approach is a bit roundabout, but it works – full resolution is retained in the resulting JPG file.

Thanks again - you guys are good.