Microwaves, In France?

Sacre bleu! Is such a thing possible? I’ve known a couple of people from France, and they did take thier food pretty seriously. I can’t imagine either one eating a Swansons Duck L’orange, for example. Does anyone know from experience if they nuke food as we do?
BTW; A lot of frozen dinners do taste better if you use the “conventional oven” method.
Also, it seems that there aren’t many immigrants from France in the USA. Could these two questions be related? :slight_smile:

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I lived in Paris for 10 years and have been back in the States for 4 months now. Frozen food exists in France but it is different in it’s acceptance by the public. For example, you can buy frozen food (usually vegetables and potato products) in supermarkets. Even sometimes pizza and frozen quiches and of course, fish (like breaded filets and shrimp) and chicken nuggets. And ice cream.

But that’s it. No preprepared frozen food like Hungry Man or Marie Callendar or whatever. Forget it. It doesn’t exist in a supermarket. I can’t believe all the stuff you can get here - individually wrapped burrito’s? Breakfast burritos? 80 different kinds of pizza? Frozen juice! Wow!

They do have a chain of frozen food stores called Picard Surgeles where you can get more things (hor d’oerves, some meals, more vegetables, and escargots). In one, I even found that they were selling bags of ice! That was the ONLY time I have ever seen a store in France sell a bag of ice. It’s a fun game, throw a party in France and invite someone you really don’t like and make them responsible for the ice. Very subtle, very wicked, very funny.

So there you have it - frozen food as you know it is just not available in France.

I forgot to reply to the microwave question.

In general, I would say the most of the French own a microwave, but that it is used more to re-heat already prepared food than actually using it to “cook”.

At least, that has been my experience.


And here I thought that this topic was about microwaving Frenchmen.
Still, that might work yet.

Anybody got a BIG paper plate?

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Thanks, Powers106. Pretty much confirns my notions about French people. The people I knew would not eat a cheeseburger. I will admit, though, that I did very much enjoy their food.
Do you happen to know if there is any such thing as a French enclave in the U.S? I checked the INS site and France wasn’t listed in the statistics on immigration. The people I knew were just here for an extended visit. I guess I’m kinda hung up on the idea of immigrants from France. :slight_smile:
Notice that I’m pointedly ignoring daniel p bostaph’s silly reply.